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[BUG] Malicious Shadowsquall


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On 11/19/2023 at 7:02 AM, Lithril Ashwalker.6230 said:

Why not also address Shadowsquall not hitting and benefitting your target if someone else gets in the way ally-wise?

- Why griefing malicious stealth attack on pistol?

- Why nerfing invigorating precision in pve content when it is the major trait that keeps you basically alive?

- Why not giving Deadly Aim piercing + unblockable in order to get it finally at use, especially in wvw content, maybe removing that nonsensed 5%damage reduction?

- Why not grating dual pistol deadeye a viable mechanic aside of the flawless shaadowstep,attac,return... (Maybe in the concentration trait solt, which is supposed to be dedicated at)?

- Why DE mark sometimes just simply do not land properly getting stuck into an invisible wall/edge?

- Why not changing the whole stealth mechanic in order to be invisible as much as you want, but only before entering combat, so you could finally scout as intended and stop to "jump" into nonsensed smoke rings?

- Why not giving shadow arts some viable traits?

- Why nerfing poison trait in the deadly art branch, from 33% to 5% in competitive, making in this way also shortbow 1 bleed basically useless...?

I could continue for another page, the main answer is that, basically, they do not know nothing about their own content, and they will keep overbuffing new elites in order to maintain that horrible power creep.

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