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Feedback: Guild Hall instance keeps closing


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My little guild just unlocked our Guild Hall so we were all running around in there looking to get some upgrades happening. This meant people were going back to a city to access their bank and material storage on a regular basis and we discovered that as people joined and left the Guild Hall, they would appear in a new instance and the old instance would be flagged for closure. This was very frustrated as we kept on getting kicked to a new instance and then would have to run back to the person we were talking to. It was very disruptive to the session.

We were greatly confused us as to why it was happening but after some searching online we think we were triggering it every time we increased to more than 5 people or less than 5 people (we had 8 people in our squad). I can understand the desire to allocate appropriate sized instances to allow for small and large guilds, but the situation we found ourselves in was very frustrating for us. I am hoping the team can come up with a better way of doing the instance scaling for the guild halls which doesn't result in the guild hall constantly getting a new instance allocated. Ideally you wouldn't want a hard threshold size but rather overlapping sizes, e.g. 0-10 people, 5-25 people, 15-40 people, 30-70 people etc

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You are correct, it is the swap between 5 or less and more than 5, in either direction, that triggers it.  It's been that way since guild halls were introduced in 2014 and they aren't doing much with guild halls other than adding festival decorations, so I wouldn't hold out much hope for a deep change such as you ask.  On the other hand, your suggestion would smooth things out a lot and they -are- working on some new things for imminent release such as using the whole hall as a free for all pvp zone when the guild chooses to do that (hopefully with individual opt-in options).  Maybe your idea is already in the pipeline as part of the changes?

Meanwhile, it's just our habit on rp night to rapidly run back to our positions when the first arrivals get the map change due to a larger group forming.  Fortunately the chat persists so the only chatter lost is that which was made in one instance after others had left it and the player is usually good about quickly reposting or summarizing.  It's a few seconds of disruption and we're used to it now.

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You can access the bank from both the Scribe workbench OR the Guild Vault (via a drop down on the top).    You can reach Guild Stash/Vault from town at the guild initiative, so just have everyone funnel junk through that, and one person in the guildhall handing it off to "upgrade guy".    The problem goes away after 2-3 weeks max to unlock Scribe bench.   

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