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Maps, raids, and grouping


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Hi everyone,

I hope you're all looking forward to the expansion as much as I am.

On my way to the expansion, I've spent a lot of time grouping for HOT maps to grab some skins and achievements I missed. Meanwhile, I was reflecting a little bit on LFG and getting into meta events. I think right now, the whole process of getting into maps, many of which are often full, can be confusing for new players and frustrating for veterans. Going into an expansion, I think this is a problem.

In HOT, we've seen the difficulties for players this can cause. For example, in Dragon's Stand, even though you might be grouped in a squad, when the map resets, it's often the case that players are split from their group. In Tangled Depths, the meta event fills up very quickly, leaving players on relatively empty maps without enough active players left to complete the meta. (In fact, TD is so problematic that I've seen players complain that they cannot seem to get into a meta map at all.)

Spam clicking to join a squad seems like an odd workaround for a game that has consistently prided itself on large-scale group content. And simply expecting players to get to maps 15-20 minutes before meta events doesn't seem like an enjoyable solution for us (not to mention, it's often ineffective as commanders may end up on a different map anyway).

As a veteran player, this has often bothered me, and I know the whole LFG/spam clicking to join specific map IPs has been a point of frustration for my friends new to the game. Has anyone else been frustrated by this?

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