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Tyrian fish in the water of Nayos

Lord Korag.8439

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All bodies of water in the newly added part of Nayos are full of Barracudas, Armored Fish and Freshwater Crabs. Why? Or better: How?

I myself offer 3 possibilities:

1. Those specimens got into Nayos through some mist gate long time ago and managed not only survive, but actively mulitply to these days.

2. We were told we have met Kryptis already in the past. We all though it was pointing basically at Kanaxai, Deimos or Oni, but what if these are Kryptis too?! I mean they are all motsly pointy. They could get to Tyria and then just exist (the oposite of the 1. option).

3. Some Astral Ward members can be seen fishing. They could just bring the fish with them so they have something to catch.

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9 hours ago, Senti.2890 said:

kryptis stole dragonsblood spears apparently

likely took other things

maybe fish too

Peitha did say during the assault on Heitor that Kryptis basically copy everything... But this much? Shouldn´t we aply some Tyrian copyrights?

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On 3/3/2024 at 12:34 AM, Teknomancer.4895 said:

Or maybe the devs were just lazy and didn't bother to change the names like they did with the various ores, because underwater content is abandoned content.

Occam's razor and all that. 😜 

But these are also looking exactly like Tyrian fish. Naming would be one thing, appearance the other, but these have all of it. Should it be laziness, it really is a pure one. Shame on them.

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Posted (edited)
On 3/5/2024 at 11:35 PM, Teknomancer.4895 said:

Maybe so, but if you mine a Vesperite node what you get is Mithril. If you mine a Somnorite node you get Orichalcum.

The only difference is in the name of the node itself. Same principle.

I find ores to be more a mechanic issue than a lore one. They look different, are named different, yet reward a cassual material, because they simply have to. It could be avoided by some "reaction"/refinement of some Kryptis ore into Mithril or Orichalcum, but again, it looks different, is named different, just uses the materials expected from every map. Simply mechanic.
It reminds me of when fishing was introduced. All catchable corrupted fish (Branded, Risen, Destroyer) drop the same fish meat as do the uncorrupted. Because of the mechanic. So, in these situations the lore is handled by the name and the look, not the drop.

However, the fish mobs in Nayos are named exactly the same, look exactly the same, and very possibly have also the same drop. So the ore is 1/3 lore-odd, but these are 3/3 lore-odd. Especially the firts two points should not be. Not without a proper lore explanation. Therefore I find it to be slightly worse issue than the nodes.

Basically, all what was needed was making a simple quick reskin, maybe even just a recolor and play with the names a bit. This is just a copy-paste.

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I'd love to find a lore book in the next episode that goes all bonkers on this huge oversight ("oversight" to put it gently), claiming that Tyrian fish actually come from Nayos. The Seers/Mursaat/dragoncycle and basically everything in Nayos is at least as old as Tyria's youngest days and for all we know the Nayosian fish are the ones who could actually have gotten into Tyria alongside the Kryptis by accident, finding a much less hostile ambient they could proliferate in.

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On 3/1/2024 at 7:40 PM, Lord Korag.8439 said:

All bodies of water in the newly added part of Nayos are full of Barracudas, Armored Fish and Freshwater Crabs. Why? Or better: How?

4. Anet couldn't be bother thinking up names and making up art work.

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