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Harrowing storm and other stories..


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So according to our traits, Harrowing Storm (axe/dagger 3) does not count as either a shadowstep OR a movement ability. It doesnt proc fluid strikes or guarded initiation for example. It gets worse when you start testing our entire kit - there's absolutely no consistency in either the skills or the traits on what counts as "shadowstep" "teleport" or "movement".  It's a total sloppy mess and could do with a pass to at least have things make sense rather than be rngesus if this specific ability will proc this specific trait or not :(.

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Just balance team doing their balance team's job.

It took them years (literally) of myself (and possibly others) reporting bugs with Assassin's Reward to finally get them fixed (not sure if all of them are fixed - can't be bothered to test anymore) when I quit the game over a year ago.

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