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Sword to power

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I personally haven't put a ton of thoughts into this other than the fact that I love running sword on my warrior... Just wish it did more damage. What changes would you make to make it more of a power weapon because the bleeding to me doesn't do enough damage to make it something that is useful in anything other than condi zerker and when you need mobility while relying on a different weapon for damage. As I said I would like to see what kind of ideas people think are practical here.

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Well, Sword 3, 4 flipover, and 5 flipover all do pretty great power damage already. F1 on a power build does decent damage as well so long as you have quickness up. So, it's really only the AA chain that is at fault here, and the dumpstered it's strike damage 4 years ago in PvP/WvW...

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Posted (edited)

I wouldn't make any changes to make Warrior's swords more of a power weapon.

We already have enough power damage one-handers. Making swords power weapons would do nothing but add to redundancy.

But swords need a lot more Bleed and Torment to make it properly fill their roles as condition weapons.


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