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Any way to show your other characters as NPCs?

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There is any way, some gizmo, some item, something, to make one of my created character appears an NPC? Of course only visual. It doesn't even have to follow me (though would be awesome) just spawn it there? Maybe some way to even "clone" myself and generate a npc of me (not mesmer), then I can swap my gear, and I have me and "my partner"?

Something to roleplay there is another npc with a custom appearance (and/or name)

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Kiof.5710 said:

I'd love to have the ability to have some/all of my characters as "NPCs" wandering the home instance.  Or even just static, such as the MOX golem.   

As many times as we've saved the world, they could at the very least put up a touristy "home of famous person!" statue (pose); especially the Norn. "Slayer of Issormir" aside, the Commander's legend is orders of magnitude more impactful than anything Eir ever did.

But oh well, no prophet is accepted in his own hometown.

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