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Increasing Agony Resistance and Getting ascended equipment..


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You buy two ascended rings from BUY-2046 that have stats matching your character. DO NOT BUY THE SAME RING TWICE! They are unique and you can only wear one of the same name. You should have 20 pristine relics by now to pay for them. Each ring can hold an infusion, you slot a +9 in each of them. When you have more relics, you can buy the stuff to attune the rings:


and infuse them, to get more slots for infusions.


Remove the infusions before you attune or infuse gear, you get a tool for that from INFUZ-5959. Put more +9 infusions into the rings. You can get 54 AR only with those rings and play up to level 46 fractals. If you want to play higher, you can buy a Tear of Alba from the Mist Potion Brewer that will give you +10 AR for an hour (+15 if you mastered the fractal attunement, but you haven't done that yet).

You can also go to LW S3 maps, farm the local currency and buy ascended trinkets there. With a fresh account, I went to Siren's Landing and goit a backpack with pearls and karma.

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Ok since this is your first run in Fractals, there is a good chance you do not have a lot of Fractal currency to spend.

My advice as it were, would be to head off to the Laurel Vendor.

Get 2 Earrings (accessories), you cannot wear 2 of the same name, but find two that have the same stats. Which is not hard.Then as others have said.. get two rings from the Factual Vendor (but you need the mastery lines done to talk with them, so, if that is not unlocked, again, go back to the Laurel Vendor, and get 2 rings.)

This will give you 4 AR slots.

Earrings, cannot be (Infused) so that 1 slot is all you will get for them, so feel free to put in a expensive an AR infusion as you want into them.

Rings can be infused and attuned, so.. don't invest to heavy into them at the start as you will just need to pull it later. +5 at most in the rings when you begin.

But my advice would not be to be go big at the start, and instead, just get four (4), +5 AR infusions, which will give you 20 AR, which is enough to do all T1 fractals.. then farm dailies and the like, build up a collection of fractal currency and infusions and then go Big with your own mats, which will be cheaper for you.

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