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[Suggestion] WvW Wallet


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This was an item from the old forums but its worth bringing back up. A good QoL change for any WvW player would be the addition of a WvW wallet for siege. Today a player might have up to 21 types of blueprints on them and additional spots used for tricks and traps. Overall that could be a lot of space used up. If a player plays multiple toons it could be even worse unless they use the maximum currently available shared inventory slots that are offered from the store. If they don't they then need to spend additional time not playing the game but moving around items preparing to play the game. Appreciate any consideration of this concept. Good gaming!

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I agree that the sheer number of various types of blueprints is impractical.

The current mechanic creates a bundle from the consumable that gives you an opportunity to deploy or not. So to make this a walletized item, they'd have to change that system entirely and potentially give up the possibility of changing your mind. Siege is a lot cheaper these days, so perhaps that second point is no longer much of an issue; it would still need a new mechanic.

What I'd rather see is a change to the blueprint system. Instead of 7 types of blueprints with three levels each, what if there was only one type, with three levels:

  • Ordinary Siege Blueprint
  • Superior Siege Blueprint
  • Guild Siege Blueprint

Consuming each would give you a bundle with the following skills:

  1. Deploy
  2. Cancel
  3. Choose arrow cart
  4. Choose ballista
  5. Choose catapult
  6. Choose flame ram
  7. Choose shield generator
  8. Choose siege golem
  9. Choose trebuchet

The 4-9 skills would be made available via a new WvW mastery. Ordinary blueprints would be convertable to superior via the mystic forge and guild scribing stations would be changed appropriately.

Conversion of the existing blueprints could be done similarly to how ANet handled snowflakes: we'd visit a vendor (or a vendor would pop up when double clicking) to convert. Each new ordinary blueprint might require tons of AC or Ballista BPs but only a few siege golem BPs, and similarly for superior & guild.

This doesn't eliminate the problem, but it makes it a lot more manageable (and manages to streamline the various recipes, too, making things simpler on the production side).

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@TheGrimm.5624 said:Note I use wallet in this sense more as a way to picture the user-interface, its more of a storage mechanism of some sense that would require the items to appear in your inventory.

Sure. I wasn't thinking you meant identical to the currency wallet. But as mentioned above, that's an entirely new mechanic: take a non-item, convert it into a bundle, with the ability to cancel the effect at no loss. Even Treasure Maps for the Crystal Desert use an item to create the special skill.

Don't get me wrong: I'd love the sort of functionality you describe, not only for siege, but also for salvage kits, gathering tools, and reusable tonics. I just think it's unlikely to happen any time soon. And in the meantime, consolidation of siege seems like something they could manage with existing mechanics (it's how the colored snowball transform works, for example). I don't know if it's cheap enough; I just hope it does a good enough job addressing the issue without requiring a major new feature.

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