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weakness rework


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is it just me or is weakness completly unbalanced compared to other condis?

i mean

vigor regeneration is gutted into half

u cannot critically hit the enemy anymore

and on top of that the damage that ur doing is reduced by 50%

im not wanting a new condition doing the same to condi rather than just have this condition reworked in some way. it completly shuts down a power build.

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It is very important when comparing the power of various boons and conditions to note differences in availability between each.

Weakness is a extremely strong condition, however there are very few sources of it and most are in low durations. Necromancers (via might corruption) and specific thief builds are the only classes with consistent weakness access, outside of those two cases weakness is extremely rare.

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There's a large amount of classes that can use Protection and different classes can stack if and have it all the day long. Weakness don't last so much and can be cleaned or even totally ignored (resistance). For example, a warrior don't fear weakness because can handle it really easy with different condi clean and a lot of resistance.Also, the two classes that mainly use weakness are really weak to Power damage. Thief and Necro can be quickly slaughtered by any Power build in this game (expecially if with ranged weapons) and they're only way to survive to them is use weakness because don't have other good defensive ways to survive (the stealth of the thief grant him a good survaibility, but hit him in the right way can grand a fast kill without so much effort).

For shure be covered of weakness while fighting in a team fight against classes that already don't fear Power damage is a problem, but at the same time, in a team fight there's classes and builds that grant to you and your allies a high amount of condi clean, enough to face the weakness spam of a single class. Expecially now that necro have his shade corruptions reduced and that his weakness skills are mainly 1 target.

By itself the conditions is seriously strong, but if you look to a more big teamfight enviroment it's effect can be highly reduced.

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