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Is PVP okay like this?

Crab Fear.1624

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Some things in PVP that have been bugging me.

  • Players throwing matches for whatever reason, whether it be a tantrum because they did not get an easy match, a bitter player on an alt messing with games, or friends trying to help friends/guildies move up
  • Highly skilled players playing on low rating alts (smurfs) with friends (duo q) and discombobulating matches
  • Class stacking
  • Disparity of risk/reward for some classes vs others
  • Lite hacks, nothing so obnoxious, but just enough to get an edge they should not have
  • Bold hacks.
  • Increasing number or dc's for the full time (90 secs-2 mins) and return at last minute.
  • Unwillingness of developers to acknowledge that some specs are over-tuned, some need a fix like now, the conquest game mode has been stale for a while and might actually be growing mold.
  • The jump pads in skyhammer could be raised a bit, personally I feel like having a more visible target will make the jumps easier to see if camera angle is not quite right.
  • The top stats system could be rework a bit as to not reward those who just brawl near the home node the entire match, while not actually contributing anything to the match.
  • How many bunkers in the game do we need?
  • Something is buggy about barrier, I can understand it is like shroud, but sometimes it negates 70-100% of damage
  • Lop -sided matches like 500-30, it's not an infrequent occurrence either
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I think its terrible I'm mainly a PvE player and I decided to check out PvP after a long time not playing it since I was far too often matched against uber PvP pro's that would down me within literally 1 second. Does not matter what class, I play all of them. And have been playing them from the beginning of GW2. Newer Elites obviously less since they are much newer but I do have a decent play in all of the professions. PvP is a different story tho I consider myself a PvP beginner, Im currently bear rank and a lot is of unranked matches / daylies etc.

What I have seen so far is that I am still rooted against absolute noobs or pro's there is not much in between. this means that over 90% of the matches are like 30/500 or the other way around which is absolutely not fun, at all. the rest of the time I get a match where I feel the players in it are actually a good match and it's an exiting match to play.

For me PvP is just a ton of frustration since the poorly matched games I think its awefull.

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I really hope they are planning on a huge PvP change-up (mostly a ton more maps/game modes in solo-q unranked and the removal of solo-q ranked).

I'd like to see the "general" pvp more akin to World of Warcraft battlegrounds -- with a lot of different maps and modes (and bigger teams for many of them) focusing on a fun experience -- and then the conquest / ranking system kept for serious pvpers only (5-man premade teams). Both would reward players according to difficult (i.e. pips and chests for unranked, like now, and even MORE rewards for winning in 5-man ranked queue).

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To me all go down to balance, risk/reward is way off for pretty much all the professions on the game...just look at warrior lol I used to have to put utilities skills like Mend and Signet of Stamina on my skill bar cause warrior weakness used ot be condi...I believe most of the playerbase dont even know those skills exist lol Greatsword burst got mega powercreeped, Frenzy used to work behind the idea of risk/reward, 100% speed but take 50% more damage...now is all about reward and no risk...players are encouraged to spam stuff, cooldowns are reduced every patch for some unknow reason and not only that, but more and more you dont even need to aim at something, soon everything will be huge AoEs that do high damage like they were single target skills....dont think game modes and maps would help, games like LoL or CS or CoD are pretty much allways the same game mode and people allways go for the same map, the thing is that the games are allways fun so people dont mind going allways for the same thing.

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