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  1. I voted good because the IDEA could work. The current execution is not good (the healy-hop is the only one that is viable). You can build around heal hopping A LOT which could be fun. I think they should all be baseline exactly like the heal hop (50 endurance) and then do damage / give boons or conditions / heal accordingly.
  2. I like the dodge. If you take the bottom one and try to keep Vigor up a lot ... you can actually evade a lot of damage (and it's fun to constantly bounce around). However, the other two are not good--the game is built around needing to avoid dodge on demand. The flip mechanic is just bad, though. Utilities, by definition and by name, are supposed to be for utility. If they aren't reliable, they are useless. Unless they were all ungodly OP, I would never run the double legends in any content that mattered.
  3. I think if they just let you choose which legend you want to be (and adjust traits accordingly) then it could work. Finally you could have a good dps build with shiro and archemorus and a good healing support build with centaur and viktor. Or you could even create a new hybrid spec with archemorus and viktor. The flip-over design is a no go for me.
  4. Problem is ... in a game as casual as GW2 ... people just want to PvP. They don't want to run around decapping circles (it's not Player versus Map, after all). It's a concept that has eluded Anet since they launched. In MMOs, people fight in roads. They like big numbers and lots of kills. They are trained to engage and to fight. I agree with everything you are saying. But I would guess 98% of GW2 players don't care about conquest tactics. They care about having fun and fighting. And this is why Anet should have had a completely different PvP philosophy from the get-go... Alas, they thought players of the most casual MMO to launch since vanilla wow would want a hardcore complex PvP mode and ONLY that one mode.
  5. They should have always focused on casual fun over hardcore competitiveness. And part of that fun would be build diversity. Also, map/mode diversity.
  6. Hello. I am a nobody. Here is my necro wish list. What is yours? Make MH Dagger Better - I would do 2 things to make mh dagger a more engaging weapon, with a better theme (vampire). First, I would add a sizeable life siphon to the third hit on the #1 attack chain. And second, I would put an evade on dagger #2 so that it wasn't so easy to avoid in PvP ("Turn into a swarm of insects for three seconds, evading attacks and siphoning health from your foe. Healing effectiveness increases if you are bleeding. Damage increases if your foe is bleeding.")Make OH Dagger Better - Continuing with the vampiric theme of mh dagger, I would change #5 to "Teleport to target area and inflict bleeding to all characters (including yourself and allies). Also inflicts weakness and cripple on foes."Replace the grandmaster trait "Eternal Life" in Soul Reaping tree with a new trait called "Shroud Dance"... which is something like: "Your shroud cooldown is reduced by 60% but you can no longer swap weapons in combat."Replace the grandmast trait "Death Nova" in Death Magic with "Lord of Death" ... which is something like: "Empowers your minions [aside: makes them stronger and with cooler skins]. Summoning minions no longer requires a cast time. Summon a jagged horror when you kill a foe." ... (people might complain that cosmetics are tied to a trait, but I don't care lol)More access to fear.
  7. It would not have been sooooooo bad if they had replaced it with something not terrible (blood bank) and if they hadn't buffed and then nerfed wells in PvP within 24 hours lol
  8. What would you put in gemstore that pvpers would buy? It's not that you need PvPers to buy stuff. It's that a healthy PvP scene, with regular updates, increases the overall health of the game, its marketability and your entire population of players ... many of which will buy plenty of things on the gem store. That's where the ecosystem comes in. You can't neglect an entire wing of the game just because it doesn't have as many DIRECT cash shop purchases. These things are all connected.
  9. Some guy in a suit who not only has never played a video game but actively hates them (because his son likes playing them more than talking about investing) looked at a spreadsheet and said, "What's pee vee pee?" Some timid developer explained it to him, though the man in the suit wasn't listening because on the spreadsheet it showed that pee vee pee didn't generate any income and that vein was throbbing in his forehead. "Kill it," the man in the suit said. "It brings in no revenue. Kill it dead. Kill it, and then kill it again." And then the man in the suit added, "Make more mount skins, and make them more randomer as hell to get." He put the spreadsheet down and walked out. All games die once the men in suits take over. MMOs are complex ecosystems and many people struggle to understand how one thing affects another. Men in suits sure as hell don't understand it. I think WvW is a good example of this lack of understanding of how MMOs work. World PvP only works if it is objectively not to objective. Once you instance it and put objectives into it ... it becomes a rote, zerg-fest. Even though PvP and even PvE'ers don't generate as much revenue, it still affects the entire ecosystem. They should have tried hard to convert PvP'ers to gem buyers, rather than just neglecting PvP completely because it wasn't the cash cow they wanted. Oh well.
  10. Except a game like LoL releases a new champion every month or two... Not too mention the entire game was basically designed for solo queue in mind. GW2 PvP on the other hand was designed for coordinated team play and only switched to solo q leaderboards well after their original design failed. Not a good comparison. More game modes would have helped sustain GW2 PvP way back when their esport attempt failed ... Had they fully embraced the casual player (like they have in every other aspect of their title). Probably too late now. They went the "go down with the ship" route. HOWEVER more frequent patches would be fantastic.
  11. That's too bad. Because the very next line item is about rewards. lol You MUST-GET SHINIES-FOR-EVERY-MINUTE-I-SPEND-IN-GAME people are what killed this entire mode and also the cause of the entire mobile dumpster fire trend that is gaming. So... thanks! Needing to be given stuff for PvP is why PvP is bad right now in almost every major MMO. Here is the cycle. Developers make PvP in their game. They then incentivize PvP participation with shinies. Players do everything they can do get as much reward for as little effort (bot, hack, win trade) ... People who aren't interested in any of that bullshit (the vast majority) quit because it's stupid as fuck. Remaining players (most of which don't even like the game, they just want to grow their e-peen) bitch at developer for ruining PvP and go to new game for new shinies. Make PvP fun. This game is already stupid easy to gear. And to PvP it is free. What do you NEED to get from a PvP match other than the thrill of competition and fun? I guess I am the minority. Having played real sports my whole life, I enjoy the fun of a game ... not what I get out of it. You are probably the kind of guy who trades all the best players in Madden Football to one team, dominates the AI, and actually enjoys it. You are probably the type of player who wants to out-gear your opponents and "pwn noobs" rather than compete against equal opponents. Well ... you got what you wanted. A terrible, terrible pvp mode where rewards are more important than ... anything else. COOL!
  12. I think there would be nothing wrong with making a few maps in the open world with rewarding (but in absolutely no way mandatory) things to do but also allow PvP.
  13. While I think blood bank needs work, I still contend that the whole line needs work. Siphon effects need to be way more impactful and dagger needs to be buffed (my and oh). For blood bank to be worth it, it at least needs some sort of "while you have barrier" effect...
  14. The great GW2 e-sports experiment has failed. It is time to move on. It is time to move away from this illusion of a hardcore competitive mode and instead design for fun. A great majority of players just want to have a good time and have some friendly competition. We didn't need rewards to play Tetris and don't need rewards to play a few PvP matches. Just make PvP fun again! This is what I would like to see happen: Combine ranked and unranked, and completely remove leaderboards, titles and rewards, other than small "compensated for your time" rewards (i.e. reward tracks and other things that keep gold/hour close to an average day of PvE). This will greatly reduce the desire to cheat, win trade, hack, smurf in unranked or bot. It would also increase the amount of players queuing to play, which makes matchmaking easier.Participation rewards mentioned above should be based on performance (this won't be perfect but it would make botting almost useless). Rewards should be capped (to avoid farming) but I thinnk a decent algorithm can be developed based on kills, damage, healing, caps, decaps, APM, deaths, time spent in combat, etc to reward people doing well and penalize bots/slackers.All major rewards should come from tournaments for the best of the best. These should happen more regularly. Their should also be different tournaments for all tiers of players (lower tiers have lower rewards). There should be occasional special events as well.Utilizing as much existing assets as possible, try to create more than one type of game/map -- including more than 5v5 maps. I'd like to see at least a capture the flag map and a "click to capture" map (with more nodes and more people) instead of stand in circle to capture. I know the one and only part-time dev at anet still working on PvP is probably breaking out into flop sweats at this request ... but it needs to be done. The inability to create more interesting maps/modes has been the single biggest nail in the coffin. Variety is the spice of life!
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