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Fishing ideas


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Many people ask for Fishing but not really have any ideas on how it should work? So these are my thoughts on the idea.First of FIshing should be treated like gathering, Fishing nodes located across Tyria at water locations. Taking a fishing Rod you cast your line using up bait (new recipes for cooking) As you fish the outcome is random for one of three outcomes. Lost bait, Fish, Attacked by Mob (Would help cut down on botting I would hope).The Fish (container, think like bags) when aquired, you click to break down (open). giving randoms from the loot table. Meat, Fish bone, Fish Scale, Fish Oil and junk (goo, globs etc)The meat and oil can be used for cooking and artificer crafting. While the Fish Scale and Fish bone could be used for armor and weapon smithing.*The Fish can go from common to rare all depending on the map the node is located.I think it could be a decent gold sink, having to craft or buy bait and fishing rods. Maybe even allow Lure's to be crafted and attached to the pole (like a Sigil) that could use Jewelry to craft them ?

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