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Old Claw of Jormag Change

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  • 2 years later...

Finally found an old thread talking about it. So I also was wanting to ask these questions for a long time. Although I'm not sure why I didn't. Anyways, it has always confused me as to why they removed the Claw's wings from getting blown off during the second phase of the fight. I can't even seem to find out exactly when they changed this either. But more importantly, I've done this fight hundreds of times since launch, and the one other problem I've noticed was that Arenanet also made the Claw's screeching and roaring way less audible then it used to be. Most noticeably again, during the second phase when it blows players back. I just want to finally get some closure on this.

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Back when some of the world bosses were updated, one of the changes was to remove the wings getting blown off when the Claw is brought down by cannons. This was to accommodate the case of the event failing and the Claw taking flight and leaving [edit: though you won't see any mention of it in the relevant patch notes].

Personally, I think the wings should've stayed shot off, but if the timer ends and the event does fail it should burst out new ones instead.

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