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Wrongly Credited With Desertion


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Just now in a competitive sPvP, I was in a party with a friend who was disconnected and then reconnected before the match ended (and I never left), but both of us were wrongly credited with a desertion and dishonor. Is there any way to appeal this? Does anyone know why that would have happened?

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@Ayrilana.1396 said:I’m not sure why you got it to as it should have only gone to your friend.

You can try to email support about it and perhaps they could pass it along to take a look at. Whatever dishonor you had received would likely be gone by the time they get to you though.

I didn't even realise that you got dishonor if you managed to reconnect before the match ended. Is it a reduced penalty at least if you do?

@"Alatar.7364" said:No idea why is this in the game, but the "You got Desertion for your friends DC" has been here for a long time, so I am not sure if it's even a bug.

Weird. It seems like it absolutely shouldn't bethere, but dishonor penalty is pretty short (unless it also hits SR too) so I can see why it might not be a priority to fix. I just really dislike seeing "desertion" on my match history when I didn't earn it.

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