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QoL Change : Eternal Bond


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I have few suggestions about this trait, I'd like to improve soulbeast sustain in a meaningful way while providing opportune counterplay:

1- Entering BM grants 3s reduced dmg -33% at 15s CD / Exiting BM grant 3s superspeed

2- Entering BM grant 3 might for 10s to yourself and weakness to foe for 6s at 20s CD

3- Entering BM cause Fear for 1s and leaving BM cause 3s slow, unblockable and 600 radius at 15s CD

4- While In BM, fury grants 2s quickness for 10s CD


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A better alternative (imo):

  • Second Skin additionally grants 3s of protection when merging into Beastmode. Gives a source of protection and thematically fits having the pet meld act as a temporary "second skin."
  • Eternal Bond casts Lesser Spiritual Reprieve (only heals the player and casts Protection instead of Resistance) when downed in Beastmode. Still keeps the synergy with Second Skin and also builds it with Live Fast, which can link to Essence of Speed as well. Synergy.
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