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Gravedigger range incorrect

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I ran a DPS golem quick test:

Dust Strike (130), Grave Digger (170), Life Rend (170) do all have the same range for a target in front of you.

And it gets even better: Dust Strike has even a few pixels more range than Gravedigger!

Explanation:Grave Digger is a 360 degree skill. That's why ANet calculates the range differently. Life Reap (3rd Shroud auto) has a 220 range but has basically less range for a target in front of you than Life Rend (170) because like Grave Digger it is a 360 degree skill.

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@"Lahmia.2193" said:Most cone melee attacks extend beyond their actual range. Dusk Strike actually has a 170 range, rather than Gravedigger having lower.Dusk Strike (130) has a higher range than Grave Digger (170).

So your "beyond range" assumption for cone attacks is correct, but your conclusion is not. If Dust Strike actually has a 170 range, then it should have the same range as Grave Digger, which it has not. Like I said: it's just a few pixels, but Dusk Strike has even a higher range.

@DeceiverX.8361 said:Typically, range is just a measurement of the radius of the attack, so it shouldn't matter in the case of a 360 degree attack.But it does.

It may me a relic of pre-HoT numbers and it got nerfed from 170 because it was seen as too reliable, and the tooltip just never got updated.No, that never happened. in addition Shroud autos behave in the same way. The first two attacks are cone attacks und the third one is a 360 attack. The range of the first two attacks is higher even though the tooltip states the opposite.

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I was referring to interneral testing nerfs and QA which I should have specified about. It's entirely possible Gravedigger had a radius of 170 in early development and it got nerfed in range before release, and things didn't get changed as far as the tooltip. That, or it's a bug.

As far as cone vs circle... it doesn't matter on any other profession or skill as far as I'm aware of. This is the first instance I've heard someone say this. Are there other examples you can supply?

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