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  1. They have to rework a lot of weapon skills and utilities. "Lol I'm immune to things" from stances in the builds of yore and "Press elite skill and teamwipe with Rampage" weren't engaging or fun to play against, and the good builds weren't exactly the fun ones. The warrior used to heavily rely on its CC skills inflicting damage with steady follow-up hits to grind foes down as someone said above. The nerfs to CC damage skills hit it hard there, and the ratio cuts hurt it elsewhere. Its sustain is bad because the class was designed to endure by stats and not perma-booned
  2. As in high-tier fractals? Not from a serious standpoint. Sword's damage is too low in PvE to be considered good (or even really "playable" outside of legacy content like low-tier fractals and dungeons. S/x has almost always been a PvP setup or open-world leveling before level 80. For PvP, it's generally considered pretty weak since the nerfs to Acrobatics which have a multiple of passives which have yet to be replaced with anything worth taking. Its damage is also generally too low to apply significant pressure, and its boon denial not good enough since PoF's boon dominance met
  3. Enjoy longbow and ranger generally being terrible forever in group play, then. You either should have to take risks for damage and be part of the target capping defensive approach, or be useless in ZvZ where that's the rationale behind why they're memed on, and sPvP where the entire purpose is to stand on a node and get actively punished for getting up close. You either get to pewpew easy kills with tons of disengage on SB, or get your mobility and defenses butchered like a staff MS ele or necro. These are sacrifices other classes make for their group play builds, and why thief and power me
  4. No. Well-timed negation is a critical part of skilled play. Long-duration AoE fields that negate incoming ranged damage are a much bigger issue for rangers. The problem is chicken-egg like many in WvW contexts. It can't be just a single change to fix them. People need reflect/projectile destruction/block spam because longbow when unanswered is an amazing kit for pre-engagement in large scale due to its crazy modern damage/ stealth, cleaving CC, chained AoE damage, and soulbeast's mobility. But with so much access to these effects, the ranger is stuck needing its
  5. They should probably fix the class's damage issues first before giving it support and defensive identities. I'd rather see the thief be actually good at a constant aggression or good quick 1 for 1 trading than a constant engage->run->repeat pattern it so heavily depends on.
  6. As stated, we disagree because you speak strictly from a PvE perspective and you're assuming DB couldn't be given much better condi burst on that final hit to improve its sustained PvE damage. In terms of dealing with competent opponents, D/D is borderline unplayable in the PvP modes pretty much solely because the kit has no mobility, for both engages, disengages, and actively works against stealth. Understand the damage coefs for backstab and the likes are reduced by 30% and players can and still do focus/AoE bomb stealthed players, so a constant amount of pressure and disengage
  7. Disengage with what, exactly? Three quarters of a second animation of spinning there while someone with superspeed can press w and bomb their feet and kill you after? DB needs more mobility, not less. Its damage just needs to come at the end of that mobility, and its damage improved to make spamming it not broken. Suddenly cripple/chill don't matter, it escapes superspeed, works in stealth, gives D/D good engage (because D/P dominates it due to Shadow Shot), and decent mid-combat mobility without having the balance nightmare that IArrow is via vertical shadowstep effe
  8. Reaper (power) since its inception after the condi DChill adjustments has been one of the most balanced of all classes/elite specs, even if it has had some underwhelming performance numbers in raids. To which, most groups, being that most groups aren't as good as they think they are, end up getting similar performance from Reaper as they do other classes from my understanding from raiding guildmembers. It's fairly easy to pick up and be effective with in PvE and great against trash mobs, and easily the most nuanced spec necro has with one of the highest ceilings in the PvP modes,
  9. Almost all directionally-targeted abilities work this way, from Rapid Fire to Scorpion Wire to Mirror Blade. I think it's working as intended. You need to pilot the camera and your character simultaneously while casting skills to PvP. It's part of what separates GW2 from WoW and similar point-and-click games. It increases the skill ceiling for playing against them and makes just spamming stuff less rewarding.
  10. It needs more mobility to make D/D ever usable in competitive ever again. It needs a higher skill cap to execute for its damage output which should subsequently be increased. For the millionth time I've reposted my change proposal over the years: PvE, they can just buff the stacks or give the thief on-crit/backstab bleeds in Deadly Arts.
  11. Crit Strikes used to have initiative recovery on critical hit way back in the day. Between that trait and initiative on stealth from SA, a lot of thieves didn't run Trickery. Honestly, this was the best thing ANet has come towards rewarding thieves to keep attacking/stay in combat in terms of providing resources. Of course, this was busted (mostly due to the SA trait), as SA+CS enabled permanent capped initiative on D/P stealth builds. Fundamentally, most of thief's problems are ANet designing almost all of the class's power around defensive mechanics (stealth, mobili
  12. Disagree. Putting the onus on fixing broken mechanics--especially class-specific ones--on gear is the exact mentality of how we got here in the first place. Many such nerfs are rooted in problems other than where the symptoms manifest; it makes little sense to buff those symptoms while also not addressing the roots of the many problems thief has. More of the same isn't going to fix the thief or improve its playability. No other professions get what's basically global weapon skill cooldown runes, either. At that point, just reduce the initiative costs, which generally is still a
  13. Over DE it's an instant/no-cast teleport (which is a stronger ability) and you can always take Trickry since core has the three trait lines. Over DrD it has increased range. That being said, ANet mostly wants to sell expansions and mostly ignores core thief builds these days.
  14. Story of most of the woes with most of the professions forever, pretty much. It's why pretty much every off-meta build is absolute trash near-unplayable because ANet just for some reason will absolutely not nerf or rework causes of problems in their more recent designs but instead nerf symptoms to create the least amount of diversity and standalone build ideas possible.
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