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  1. One problem with your post is that it's specifically from the lens of PvE; boons completely and irredeemably break WvW and even sometimes PvP where relative power and build diversity are even more significant from these stat bonuses. The other problem is you're viewing this as people inherently suggesting the removal of roles versus the complaint that the in-out bonus damage of a support should simply correlate to roughly that of any given player. If you play a support and do 60% less damage in order to buff your party, your AoE boon coverage should be limited to providing on average
  2. Following this logic, we should just make all classes get access to something like Purity of Purpose to no longer make conditions an issue in the PvP modes! Solving an extreme problem by creating extreme counters to said problem rather than addressing the root problem just shifts the problem. Now, any build trying to incporporate boons cannot exist. The diversity does not change, and now ANet needs to give everyone unique effects again lol. Boons aren't even so much the problem as much as AoE boons are the problem specifically. If you want to be a boon-bot/tank/support, the da
  3. I'm well-aware. While I do not have photosensitive epilepsy (proven), I am epileptic and have largely stopped playing group content because the intensity of the VFX in this game makes me feel off sometimes totally independent of that, even if not having a seizure. It's just way too much. I just find it ironic people get very defensive about "accessibility" when it comes to keeping their in-game power as to trivialize content, but nobody gives a kitten about actual, real accessibility issues like people being forced to quit because ANet will not add a VFX slider and keeps ballooning the
  4. I mean it also used to not be a boon and concentration/boon duration increases weren't a stat outside of doubloons, either. Quickness is also "just damage" in the end by doubling animation speed. If you're under the effects of permanent quickness, it's more or less the same as having all attacks deal 50% more damage. Honestly boon stacking defeats the purpose of the boons themselves. These effects could be made fields/finishers or static buffs and also not utterly break the game wherein the only things that will ever matter are capping offensive boons and raw damage afterward.
  5. Everyone here talking about they love accessibility in the name of keeping things OP, but nobody here talking about how this game/class fails PEAT actually causing people harm due to the utterly stupid VFX vomit.
  6. This problem is more the result of how boons and stat allocations are handled more than the ability for classes to perform at a given piece of content. Old-school 2013 venomshare healing thief functioned very differently from water ele, but still healed for a ton. Theoretical scenario: A DPS warrior with more durability is designed to rely on self-stacked might, and is allowed to deal competitive damage to a glassy squishy thief stacking damage % modifiers and needing crits via Fury from behind. The warrior can be allowed to tank a hit while dealing its damage and keep pumping ste
  7. Oh man you must have been new when that announcement was made. It's been pretty much bad since HoT, and utterly hopeless since PoF.
  8. The forum PvP is better than the PvP in-game.
  9. It's not like we didn't see this coming. I know I at least wrote a number of long posts about the Daredevil's design being inherently flawed due to its redundancy with Acro the same day they announced it. From a game design perspective, making entire methods of interacting with the game completely and utterly redundant is little more than a fancy waste of resources and a point of frustration for players.
  10. I legitimately couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that utterly CRAZED conflation of SA. I stand by my comment about cognitive dissonance. Honestly, this loss of player is probably a boon for the rest of the WvW community.
  11. It's such a simple and important facet of how humans interact with games that I don't know how this isn't realized. In terms of difficult and repeating content, people will almost always play towards peak time efficiency. Unless a game can be somehow proven unsolvable, there will always be one singular best combination when dealing with more or less static encounters that we have all the information going into in advance, or one such method which is easier to execute (also efficiency in the case of time spent learning). Therefore trying to have multiple classes with different number
  12. Understand you're talking to a playerbase that was incapable of realizing one of the root problems with thief is the very thing they're still defending. A lot of people are so hellbent on covering symptoms that they'd rather not take pause and look a bit deeper and find cures.
  13. The levels of cognitive dissonance OP has thinking the ability to just avoid PvP'ing in a PvP mode is healthy and acceptable, and then downright insisting that changing it was a bad thing (finally!) to be something more engaging because it breaks the ethos of competitive game modes, after repeated demonstration his knowledge of the class and core mechanics of the game is very limited, is truly staggering. Despite it all, defending subjugating literally everyone in the smallscale scene, past and present, to the absolute nonsense that was sustained stealth builds because you want to go gath
  14. Too situational and depends too much on chosen weapon combination to make results remotely meaningful.
  15. Vault would need some tuning down. It does more damage than backstab and would make 4-5-1-5 way too strong and reliable of a combo. To which I don't think that fits into the theme of what Staff is intended to do as a weapon set. It's meant to be more or less a thick-of-the-fight acrobatic/the raw damage version of S/D.
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