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  1. Sounds to me like the source of the problem has more to do with boon and diverse condi spam than celestial itself.
  2. Beat me to it. This spec is absolutely going to either get nerfed into oblivion or core thief gutted even more. The gank potential is just downright obscene.
  3. It doesn't need nerfs if sustained stealth is nerfed. It's mostly why SA is inherently problematic more than anything. SA's problem is it promotes and rewards thief for maintaining a very specific and very unhealthy style of play that is inherently catering to the safest and easiest method of playing thief while denying the opponent any real agency in a fight, and offers way too much utility that isn't found elsewhere for promoting doing so. Conversely, damage-oriented lines like CS offer minimal actualized purpose because when the thief is good enough to not depend on some broken d
  4. It came from the culmination of my brainchild/proposal after HoT (I had confirmation the developers looked into it on the old forums) and the commonly-desired-bad-idea/request for a SA sniper. https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/professions/thief/ES-Suggestion-The-Deadeye-FORMAL/ It was doomed to fail as soon as a SA Sniper concept was actualized, because it literally can't be balanced.
  5. I'm really confused. Your OP is about how you get slammed when someone reveals you, despite absolutely running a high-stealth build. And please, do not even try convincing me running SR+BP is a "low stealth" build lol. Thief is balanced around that because without these counters thanks to sustained stealth on SA D/P DrD, the class is OP. Full stop. If you don't like it, reroll, because ANet seems hellbent on keeping these trash mechanics that require the counters in the first place; I.E. sustained stealth builds.
  6. You can do so with just stealth. You can't do so with stealth AND Daredevil.
  7. That's the problem. Can't kill one of said thieves without these mechanics, so they exist. And part of the skill of the class is learning how to survive with it even when denied access. I'd rather it be post-evade CC or immob instead like it used to be, but unfortunately they made thief very safe and harder to punish with DrD. It mostly is a L2P problem if you're playing a remotely-optimal build. The tools are there. If you don't have an optimal build, the tools aren't there, and it's the fault of the class being balanced based on it having those tools on a few select bui
  8. I swear to god the "most effective tactic available" people need to use real words. Call it what it is - OPTIMAL. A metagame/something in the metagame/a metastrategy is a real thing and term in game theory and means something very different.
  9. It's not that stealth needs a direct counter, it's that it needs to not be abusable. If it couldn't be stacked as to regenerate its initiative and health and have control over the tempo of the fight, you'd know when to turn around and/or expect the backstab and how much left they have for resources at any moment in time like any other profession. The only thing they have an edge on is its location, in which case, it's no different than a teleport. Because "countering backstab" isn't AA'ing behind you; it's keeping track of where they are and should be roughly standing within the time fr
  10. You can hotkey toggling Action Camera, where all abilities, including single-target ranged skills, will track stealth if you're pointing at the stealthed character. Longbow ranger is actually straight dirty at tracking stealth as my guildmate does, since a spinning RF will track by the projectiles being cut short when they hit the thief, since they don't baseline pierce. The floaters appearing on a stealthed target would subsequently defeat the purpose of stealth entirely this way since Action Camera is usable this way, as then it's an utterly useless mechanic as soon as you reach an ech
  11. These same players are the ones that would die if forced to not run away, then claim the class sucks even if it could go toe-to-toe. That was a lot of people back when SA was first nerfed. Maybe they should buff the fight power and nerf the resetting for once.
  12. Referencing your below clarification referencing Cloaked in Shadow, the blind does not apply if attempting to gain stealth while under the Revealed debuff. It is only applied after the Stealth effect is granted successfully. P5 applies only once every two seconds (easy to mid-CC-animation cleanse, I do it on my reaper all the time, and there's no reason to stand in smokescreen if the thief is revealed for 6s regardless). Is this interaction really problematic? Eh - not really - thief can just reset it and very few warriors are running OMM. But a thief is stupid to try and overcome thi
  13. It does but doesn't have mobility attached. It just moves you 130 units AKA over the enemy hitbox. As an evading variable range gap close it'd be OP akin to Shadow Shot if also given that condition usage. Think beta Death's Charge. If it could actually be used to reposition the delay/lockout afterward wouldn't be a problem. Condition builds are sufficiently tanky to take a quick trade back, especially if the damage is improved.
  14. Make it have a fixed travel distance and the skill no longer becomes spammable. This way it can be improved since it will take time to reposition to have the correct spacing. PvP skill floor and ceilings respectively drop/rise giving the kit more respect, and can be used with CnD.
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