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[Suggestion] Tomes of Knowledge Animation

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Noting the post by Gailie today, I did search first before posting but I don't see this anywhere.

This has been something that has frustrated me since launch and it is through no fault of the community as I have done this myself; I just try to hide behind a pillar or something to lessen the impact on others.

When a player saves up a pile of Tomes of Knowledge and consumes them, the animation flashes on the screens of those in the area. I would like to request that this be a user specific animation as the repetitive bright flashing triggers migraines, and potentially seizures. To be honest, imo, any of the consume animations that produce similar effects to Tomes consumption should really only affect the individual users display and not impact the players around them. Yes I can move, but this does prove frustrating when someone walks up to a crafting station to use the bank and I am in the middle of crafting 200+ ingots.

Just my thoughts, but I have been through a similar experience in my other game where one AOE used by one class had an impact on the entire area and the devs changed it to impact only the player and then eventually removed it all together. In that case it was a camera shake effect that left many other players complain it was nauseating. However, the bright flashing repeatedly for 80 levels can be just as nauseating for me so I would appreciate it if you would consider changing the setting on this animation.


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@Deathanizer.3716 said:Jeez, if the tombs are that big of a problem never go to a world boss your head will explode.

WBs don't bother me tbh. I raid and fractal as well with no issues. It is the bright white flashing animation that continues repeatedly for 80 levels that bothers me. Most of the boss animations are much shorter and less repetitive. Thank you for the kindness and genuine concern.

Have a great day,

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