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World Transfer & Guild

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Hi,I feel a bit silly asking but there doesn't seem to be anything out there on the net that clearly answers my queries.

Anywho... a friend and i are looking to transfer to a different world. We are stuck in a server with people who mostly speak German and are pretty much going to bed as we are getting on - this makes finding and keeping new guild members difficult as its obviously not working in our favour.

The first question - is there a specific server predominately played on by Aussies that we can transfer to? Because it'd be handy to play with people who predominantly speak English and are awake at the same time as us.

The second question - if we transfer to a new world, does this affect our guilds progression? Do we have to start it all over again? Can anyone in the Guild who chooses to stay in the current world still interact with us at the guild, including guild based events/missions?

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Sea of Sorrows use to be the unofficial Oceania server for NA but I am guessing you are on the EU servers. Also, you should be aware that the population demographics on SoS has changed a lot over the years so the large presence of Oceania players is not quite as noticeable anymore.

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