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You were not in the race starting area. You've been disqualified from the race.

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So has anyone else experienced a lot of frustration with the start of the races? (This happened to me in all the festival races, not just this one)

  1. The timer ticks down to zero. BUT DON'T GO YET. Otherwise, you'll get the title error.

  2. The start area marker drops a second after the timer ticks off. BUT DON'T GO YET. Otherwise, you'll get the title error.

So you kinda vaguely have to go about a second or two after the start pen goes away in order to not get the error. Except it doesn't seem to be consistently enforced because usually I have several racers out in front of me when I get disqualified. So what gives? How are you supposed to time the start of this? And can we get the cues to line up better (timer hitting 0, barrier dropping, and "real" start)?

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@Ohoni.6057 said:Yeah, I get this fairly often. They need to be a bit more flexible. The worst though is when the first gate just - will - not - unlock, and you have to just loop in circles around it until it eventually does.

Yeah, that's very annoying, happens a lot (maybe always?) on certain races like the Olmakhan village race, but I think they fixed that particular instance of the bug.

These kind of bugs really work against the fundamental idea of the races though, is the OP's issue simply a server/client synchronisation issue I wonder? You know, where the countdown is client side and is ahead of the server side for some reason?

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