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I broke out of the map again and I love it.

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Hey all! I spent a little free time last week and found some more cool stuff in the maps! Although if you're an expert map-breaker you've probably already seen these yourself. :)Also, I'm not adept at posting the images directly onto the forums so I had to use imgur again, sorry!

I finally broke out of Tangled Depths, whoo! :D I forgot to take a final map-photo for the last shot, but I'm sure you can guess what and where it is as seen from the top. :bhttps://imgur.com/a/Dm1tG

Made it near the top of Mordremoth's Tree like Xykris.6758 and Uzunari.1964 did, but still didn't reach the absolute peak, for kitten's sake. XDYou can even see in one shot that the whole swirling clouds effect in the sky tilts depending on how high up you are! It's so cool and funny to look at. :Dhttps://imgur.com/a/PdAyy

While I was there, I just so happened to get some sweet, angular shots of my lovingly single M.o.M. (no hidden message there).

A couple shots of the "outside" of the maw of Bloodstone Fen, resembling a petrified tree I'd suppose? (I know it's just the jungle above) I'd actually like to see how it'd differ from the Bloodstone Caverns if we ever go there someday, here's hoping. :)https://imgur.com/a/cWWPK

And finally, a certain cuddly dragon champion doing a fly-by to say hello. XDhttps://imgur.com/a/TpHHq

Can't wait to break out of more maps. ^^ I'd like to try the infamous Rata Sum lab in the... NorthEast corner, right? Maybe the Grove too; see if you can reach the top of her flower-tree petals after getting onto the non-instanced Omphalos chamber. Ooh, I'm so ready for it!

Keep glitching y'all! And thanks for all the comments! ^^

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Ah, that's quite a jump! I'm not sure how you didn't start burning up and turning into a bunny meteor from the air friction, but hey, congrats on making it to the top! If I were to do it again I'd try using a Mesmer portal to get back to the top after jumping off, though I'm not sure the 5000 range is enough. XD You could probably fly with your griffon all the way to Orr or Kryta from the top of there. . . Really a neat place. ^^

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@"Okami Amaterasu.9237" said:Have you ever tried using your mounts to break out of the maps and "see the sights you'll see"?

Here are some compiled screenshots from my journey Out of Dragon's Stand.


I love map-breaking and seeing how far out it goes; it's so awesome. Please never fix these things Arenanet; they're really cool to see.

By the way, it turns out Dragon's Stand is actually rectangular, huh? I guess we won't be getting a map directly West of it anytime soon or anytime ever, considering Dragon's Stand is covering a lot of it. Oh well; still plenty of other maps to break out of and explore. ^.^

I map broke in that same area! I was running through what looked like a vine labyrinth, with no mobs, the map wasn't being "unlocked". I looked at the map and was in the same area as you in your second photo. I went south into the water and went around the "wall" that the islands are floating in. Then the map killed me.

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Wow, I absolutely love this game man. GW2 just keeps giving more and more cool stuff to discover!

I found a beautiful hidden cavern west of the Hemlock Coil POI, a Nightmare Court camp in Trader's Green in Caledon Forest. The hidden area is that blue "undiscovered" map watermark as if it was a hidden water cavern or something. Still, I was surprised what I found instead!


I don't know if anyone else has found it, but I would bet so. <3 It's always nice to explore and find something new and hidden in the game! ;)And there's apparently more hidden caverns underneath the whole SouthWestern part of the Trader's Green area that connect with this place I just discovered, but I can't find a way past the thorn gates yet. My plan is to break fully out of the map and reach the bottom "sea level" water and try to climb my way up into the caves from there if I start from lower ground.

That's what I did recently in Tangled Depths at least. What a wacky map that is.


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@"Bubba.2731" said:How about you guys keep these tidbits to yourself & your friends instead of letting ArenaNet get kitten and fix these map breaking places?

I hate the invisible walls and they just keep appearing...

I still do not understand why they waste so much time and resources (read money) "fixing" something that was there since the beginning and give to the game such a great engagement, instead to FIX (really please, do it) all the REAL BUGS that still (from the beginning) affect personal story (for example) and that are the first stupid thing a NEW player see of Anet work, they will understand in short that if those REAL BUGS are there since 2012 maybe the company do not care at all of them and of this game, fixing bugs and map bugs in personal story and explorable areas is important, closing "exit" points that require a skilled player to be discovered is NOT so important but they still waste time closing it, putting walls, NOTAMs for mounts etc, when I'm on my griffon and I DIE just because some smart guy had the great idea to dismount me if i accidentally pass near a JP, this is breaking the game, when I'm at the end of my story and I accidentally exit the area and I have to do it AGAIN from the beginning. THIS break the game, if someone wants to do the JP with mounts let him do it, what's the problem with You? maybe the JP is not so interesting, maybe is not so well designed or maybe he don't like JP, who cares. I don't care, I enjoy to do JP just because they are fun (if they are well designed) and believe me, some of them are also fun if you do it with the mouns, is something is engaging, why the hell do you waste time interdicting such area? why the hell you waste time closing external passage to the maps? they are great, is for this reason that maybe someone still play, stick this in your minds: a game will survive if people enjoy all the aspect of the game, and they will be advocates with friends to let them start playing this wonderful game, what you do, closing and putting limits to what a player can do with the game (until it is fair and not dangerous for them and the others) it's just stupid and do not create engagement.

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Try breaking out in dry top from the south tunnel with a HP, south east you'll find a blue humanoid model in T-pose with no textures, I've broken every breakable map in game until newer maps began killing you, lots of neat things out there, many already covered here.

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