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Stuck in PvP Match

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@"Dahkeus.8243" said:I am also stuck in a PvP match with my revenant. I can switch to a different character, but joining something like a Fractal group now crashes my game entirely.


After the new build, my character is no longer returned to the PvP game, but I got this error message when logging in:


And when I open the PvP window, it shows that a match is in progress:


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@"Dahkeus.8243" said:Fixed now. Thank you! (assuming a dev did something overnight to address it)

I want to add - my character still can't queue for PvP - still says Match in progress (although I have been "released" from the PvP match and can play anything but PvP)

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I do remember a special theme on forum for it but cant find it rn
More than 24 hours passed and the queue still bugged(
It allows me to play 2 games with interval of hours and becoming bugged again
Usually waiting for more than 24 h when the same AT would pop up again was helpful but now...(

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