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Yup this is a rant!


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@xXMapcoXx.9614 said:Ok. I just leveled a revy and got the new hot elite spec, now this isnt the first time I leveled a revy. However, im having the same issue i had last time. Revy skills all cost energy and have a cool down and you start out with 50 percent engery. Im left on auto attack cant even use my short bow skill 2-4 cuz i need all the energy to cast the utilities skills. They need to make it where you have full energy and all skills require engergy and get ride of the cool down, or make it where either utilites cost energy like a revers thief , cuz as great as the short bow is you left not being to even use half your skills. Now i Know people are going to be like well you need to legend swap but still leaves you in the same boat and it makes playing the class clunky as kitten.

A big part of your problem is that you're using short bow, which has an abysmal energy to damage conversion, which in turn makes it almost impossible to use as any part of a real dps package. It's like, okayish vs large hitbox or if you're stuck in range and need an energy dump for your mallyx stance, but that's about it.

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