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Hello all getting back into guild wars 2 but without pof tight budget atm class question.

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for pve, war (power dps, condi dps, banner slave), ranger (support, healer, condi dps), ele (healer, dps), rev (healer, dps) and mesmer (support, power dps) have the most roles out of all the hot specs. Between those specs, chrono, zerker, and druid are the most sought after, with heal tempest and herald being a rare pick. The rest of the specs are pure dps. Not too sure about pvp or wvw as the only hot spec that I know for sure that is used competitively by most people are chrono and druid, maybe dd too.

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Chrono is great but I adivise against it as a first character (and druid too). Its expensive to gear, not as goid at soloplay and if you fail with it you are usless. I think warrior is best as first class. Easy to gear, provide huge buffs to party, decent dps, easier rotation and if you fail your rotation you still do the main thing you are in group for - passive buffs.

Also every group wants warrior so you will be never kicked

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