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Mini Griffon Mount

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I know there are a few older threads on this - but has anyone received this mini as a drop recently?

I've got gold in each PoF master griffon adventure at least 100 times since expac launch (I'm still doing them daily) and haven't had any luck so far. Is it really this rare or is it bugged for some people?

I have also kept track of the unlock statistics at https://gw2efficiency.com/account/unlock-statistics?filter.key=minis&filter.search=griff and haven't seen any real change in the number of minis on gw2efficiency since I started doing so.

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I think this is the new equivalent to GW1's mini polar bear - it only comes from one specific activity (well, 5 but they're all the same thing) and has an incredibly low drop rate.

I don't know if that's intended or not, but I don't think there's anything special to it (unlike some of the theories I've heard, like it will only be given to 1 person per day or you can only get it if you do the adventure when you first log in), it's "just" a matter of keeping on repeating them and hoping you get lucky.

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Turns out, this was bugged.

On Reddit, ANet Ben wroteGood news everyone! Well.. err... bad news I guess. This griffon is indeed not properly hooked up to the reward tables, so it is true that you can only possibly attain this on the first attempt. I'll talk with rewards about what the drop rate should be on the daily chests and make a fix.

As I said, I do reserve my right to not respond to threads like this, but it's good you pinged me so don't hesitate to do that in the future.

Edit: Fix is going to be to add these to the daily silver and gold reward table.

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