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small changes, big success

xp eke xp.6724

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Hi, i want to have a pool of small ideas, with some conditions:

  • easy and fast to implement (for players or arenanet)
  • no direkt changes for classes => means no nerfs, buffs for someone, but maybe giving some mechanicals bether counterparts/ more uniqueness
  • the idea shoud help to make pvp more attractive or bether then now
  • explain the idea and what you think it will change at all

if another discussion allready have some good ideas, just quote it. Don´t forget to explain! ;)

Some Points can be:

  • new Maps/ gamemodes
  • loot and reward
  • waitingtime
  • lfg
  • ranked
  • tourment
  • hotjoin
  • privat arena
  • friendly comunity
  • mechanics
  • tutorials
  • keybinding
  • events

Let me give you an example:

6 players each team and teamlimit at ranked to 3 players. Cause 2 coordinated players have too less controll over the own team and cause you have exactely the half players together, so arenanet dont need to fear players abusing reports. A second Aspect is, that soloplayers can´t use "troll" builds as well as before and have a new challange, cause a team can carrie weaker players far bether and weaker players will allways go for teams. So soloplayers will play bether cause they have to and weaker players get bether cause they will learn to play as a team. At last ofc, i think tourments will have at start a lidle harder times cause we allready have a small playerbase, but cause all players interact more together at ranked, we will have more teams there!

In a nutshell:

  • more Teamplay
  • a lower barrier to tourment
  • Solo player have new challanges
  • (hopefully) less trollbuilds
  • players get bether at all

Some troubles can be:

  • double core at same team (like 2 fb, 2 scourges and 2 mesmers)
  • the maps maybe need redesigns
  • the dmg coud be too high => we force a zergmeta
  • we loose a big part of our solo players

Ok i combinated 2 Points at one, but it still comply with my conditions. So you got that? The best idea is something we coud do as an comunity. Atm im thinking about supporting this by spending some gold on the best ideas, if we are lucky arenanet support this discussion too :)ps. sry for my bad language!

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Just to play devils advocate, wanted to filter some of the ideas out for simple reasons:

@xp eke xp.6724 said:Hi, i want to have a pool of small ideas, with some conditions:

  • easy and fast to implement (for players or arenanet)

  • new Maps/ gamemodesnot easy or fast to implement.

  • waitingtimeheavily dependent on population and rating spread.

  • lfgalready exists, not used.

  • privat arenacurrent system is fine for this.

  • friendly comunityI think it's about as friendly as it can get, let's be honest pvp in any game has an element of toxicity, much less in GW2 I feel, but so difficult to change.

Many of the other ideas are certainly something to be looked into.

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easy and fast to implement (for players or arenanet)new Maps/ gamemodes

Its posible if you copy some areas that allready exist (eg. a trainingsarea as an own instance like using some steps of The Crown Pavilion (zone) for duelling or inpliment a "the Special Forces Training Area" for pvp^^)

something that makes it more comfortable, like playing some minigames we allready have on pve.
maybe that someone you blocked can´t see your lfg. Or different animations over the heads of players, so they see you bether and maybe they will react more times cause of that.
privat arena
automatic spendings can be a good idea.
friendly comunity
maybe create a statue, with small rules. An Npc that give you tipps for pvp. Or just some Rules we player use for ourselfs. impliment emotes like "well done!" with animations we allready have. and and and ^^

So with a lidle fantasy or motivation you will find something. I didnt explain them more cause it was only some examples for you. :)

how bout fix Mesmer ty
explain the idea and what you think it will change at all
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I think lfg would be better if you could lock to certain ratings (for exaample i want only players with 1500+ rating)so I could set it up in lfg a group only visible (or joinable) for players with that rating.also (I dont know if its in game or not) take out groups with 2 players from the ranked lfg automaticly.

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@ugrakarma.9416you can remove this by push on your coment the edit button and make it empty

@sephiroth.4217to lama lokations: wiki know the places i dont now if youtube have some vid. about it (i mean for some jumpingpuzzles you got videos^^)to the "All rounded Champion" title, yeah coud be nice. Maybe a title for going as a team on ranked and tourments woud be also a good idea.

@all: im missing atm the most important part of this:

explain the idea and what you think it will change at all
it´s really important to understand the idea and for yourself to see the pros and cons! :)
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