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Wiki question: How do you thank users for edits?

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I don't edit the Wiki much, but when I notice something missing I try to add it (unless it needs a table because that kind of wizardry is beyond me). Earlier today I set up a redirect and then this evening I got a notification on the Wiki that someone had thanked me for doing it.

What I can't work out is how they did that, I didn't know until just now that it was even an option. It's an actual notification, not a message on my talk page. I can't find an option anywhere to thank someone for making an edit/new page but I'd love to be able to do it.

Does anyone know how it's done?

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Thanks @Greener.6204! That's really good to know.

@Haleydawn.3764 said:I’m like you Danikat, but I only edit for typos as and when I spot them, or to add slightly more info into pages (last one was for Claw of Khan-Ur visual effects.)Is it worth creating an account just for the purpose I do? Dunno, I’ll still spellcheck regardless ^^

I have an account mostly as an easy way to keep track of what I've done. If I edit a page which is likely to get a lot of activity I can check back on what's happened since without needing to remember or bookmark the page (or even if it's not likely to get a lot of activity but other people improve on my edits weeks or months later), and I can refer back to it to make similar changes later - like finding the code for a redirect.

I find it useful, but I wouldn't say it's necessary if you don't do a lot of editing.

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