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Question re Treasure Hunter collection

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@BolkovonHarnfeldt.1372 said:For the extremely rare drops (Dredge Commissar, Ulgoth, Rhendark etc) - do I have the chance to get the item once per day per character or per account?

Depends on the item. Ulgoth's item drops from the chest that spawns on his death, so it's once per day per account. I think Sam from Ogre wars isn't limited. If I recall correctly, of Rhendak's two drops, one is per character and one per account.

However, the drop rates are low enough that it is almost always faster to just do stuff you like (or gold farm in e.g. Istan or Silverwastes) and buy the ones you want. Rhendak, Commissar, Ulgoth (among others) are frequent & easy enough that parking a character is worth doing until you get bored. The events in Arah aren't as easy or as predictable, so I just bought them.

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