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Making money in April 2018?

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Most efficient farm is the raid in Istan.Every other xx:45 the raid on Palawadan occurs, followed by the Great Hall at xx:20 right after Palawadan. But only if Palawadan was successful.

Then you’ll have anywhere between 10 and 30 phylacteries, and a lot of unidentified gear to sell.The Volatile magic magic can be traded 250+1g per trophy crate which rewards well.

All in all, depending on luck, magic find, and efficiency on the battlefield, you can easily make 10g per gold, sometimes up to 20 gold if you’re really lucky. But a chunk of that value is once per day (Iberu’s and the Priestess’ private stash)

Besides that, fractals reward well if you put in the effort, and the old farms like silverwastes still live as well

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Fractal 42 farm is pretty good if you have a good group (2-3min clears), otherwise i haven't done anything other than Istan and i'd say it's pretty damn good, even better if you can efficiently multiclient, pretty easy for Great Hall at least, just remember no macros/bots ofc.

Palawadan will give more Volatile Magic and should give more unid boxes, if you can tag every champ you'll get 25~ phylacteries on GH, roughly 20-25 for Pala plus 6 utility backpacks. And i think 12 Supply crates for GH and 30 on Pala. Great money for not much time and effort.

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