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Staff roles not visible (anymore) in poster details

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Sorry if this has been discussed before - searching for "staff" only reveals me a lot of weapon discussions... :bleep_bloop:

Ever since the move to the new forums, the poster details for ArenaNet authors no longer display the role the staff member has. I'm not too deep into the personalities of ArenaNet, so I tend to forget the who-is-who of Guild Wars 2 (what a cool rhyme!). I find it pretty interesting to see if an actual lore person comments on lore questions, or if it's "just some website bugfix trainee" (coughcough). So far I only know Gaile is the uber CEO, but I'm not sure if I remember that correctly :trollface:

Do you think you could add it back, at least in the form of signatures or profile field, or is it impossible with the new software?

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Yeah, that answers the state of seeing (or not seeing) those back in the poster details in the future.On another note I just noticed that staff and non staff posts look exactly the same on mobile... only the ArenaNet logo made me realize it's an official person speaking D:

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