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Gem Store Dances

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Pardon if its been asked before. Also move it to the gem store request if that's where this belongs.

Read here!

What is the possibility of a gem store pack, or individually sold modernized GW1 dances. Me, I loved the dervish dances, assassin dances, and warrior.

What i mean is, can you add these emotes to the gem store for purchase?

I bought the dervish outfit, and the scythe. I can do 2,2,2 and dagger storm on a thief and spin kinda like a dervish, but...SAD

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@"SmirkDog.3160" said:Can't they just....... make things unlockable instead of having us pay for every single new thing added......

No, the game needs funding. No monthly payment means luxuries like emotes should cost real world money. Luckily if you have a paid account you can convert game gold to gems and buy them. In spirit that counts aso "unlocking" them.

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