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WVW, where to start....?

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Hi all! I hope this is the right section to post this and not the wvw sub forum - anyway longtime on again off again player. Dabbled in WVW here and there but I am really trying to get into it and not just follow a Zerg blindly, or at least be more helpful when I do follow the Zerg around.

Anyway - I am looking for a nice intro guide to wvw, the ins and outs. Does anyone know of a good video somewhere or a nicely broken down guide?

Thanks :-)

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This is from the old forum stickied but not moved here.https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/wuv/WvW-some-things-you-should-know

Kind of hard to give you info without knowing how much you already know without being redundant. But a quick search on YouTube can yeild some information.

Edit: One thing that is not mentioned in the post that was not relevant then is "your meta class and build". This is a high priority for some. I'm not a ?, sheep or whatever the term they are using today.


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I need this info too - tried logging in the other day and the whole map just seemed empty. A few people standing around on fortress walls not doing anything - that's it. Hard to get a sense of getting involved when nothing is happening.

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