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Maw of Torment for Funerary Achievement

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So likely many of you I'd like to complete this ach so I can unlock that funerary chest and buy the rest for the set. Of course this ONE event is my bane. I cannot seem to find a group, or the event bugs out and can't complete it. Any suggestions? There's no timer so it's really tough to gauge when it's happening. Why ANET doesn't give every POF Meta have a timer like HOT I will not understand. It's basically made the maps dead to play other than HP trains, griffon hunters, and a few bounty trains (though most are now in Istan).

Anyway, I will be on all weekend hunting for groups to do do this. I'll be posted anytime I'm in Desolation and the event is up. I plea that anyone in game who's around and sees this event to do the same. Maybe as a community we can make it happen for those without. Hit me up via whisper in game if you see it happen and post in LFG so we can get people! I know every time I see it I let each guild I'm in know, but need more than a party of 5 for this one.

Thanks in advance!

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I can't really help physically, as there's a royal weekend in the UK and I work in a pub (bar for you in the US) so very busy, but wanted to say I feel your pain.

for me, oddly enough I completed the junundu/ Maw one after another in the same day. If I remember rightly I did it when there was a daily in the Desolation to complete four events and camped it along getting the gem from the djinn. For me the crux was getting the four djinn in Vabbi/ Serpants Ire done (Serpents Ire was literally the last thing I needed and had to research when an EU guild was hosting it to get it done), but there is always that one thing we need, isn't there.

Regardless, best of luck. Also I wanted to say I agree the events need timers/ better incentives as imho they're way more fun than the HoT metas aside 0 aside from DS as I love doing DS for some reason. Right now it seems that the only PoF metas that get done are the pinata and the Istan train and the rewards need to be adjusted so people come back to these neglected (and imo fun) maps.

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