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Returning player after years

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Depending on the last thing you played, I would say there have been many changes for the better. With HoT, you gain gliding, and with PoF, you get mounts, each with a useful ability for traversing the world. If jumping puzzles were your problem, the mounts will help diminish that throughout the core world and some much of HoT. They were made for PoF, so they went help you skip anything.

I have just come back from a longer break, and am enjoying leveling my silvari revenant, but I also already have the mounts (minus the gryphon, dont make enough gold to buy one) and gliding. There isn't much in the core world i cant get to at this point. If I see it on the map, I can get there.

The. We elite specs (two new specs per class) have a huge impact on your characters, so much so, they are almost new classes themselves. I would say give it a try, and at least think about PoF, then HoT if you decide to stick around. They make the game so much better.

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@"remorselessx.5213" said:Should i install and lvl up all over again,

I would say yes, on the basis that enough changes have likely happened that dealing with the tutorial-ish levelling process is probably worth it.

YMMV, though. You definitely don't have to, as long as you don't assume that things are the same as they were when you left.

I have t o say that i quit cos of all those jumping puzzles and stuff.

Jumping puzzles and stuff probably haven't changed -- depending on the "stuff" of course -- as the basic structures for rewards, etc, are pretty similar to how they used to be.

Thnaks i guess ill give it a go, anyways dose leveling still takes ages ?

Probably a little faster than it used to be, but as always, it depends how hard you push it. Probably 8-12 hours of play for most people.

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