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WvW Power Scourge


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I was playing around with this: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vRAQNAnYWnE9C10gt0AO9Cs9ilfBTPvOYLsQfpAwHgaL8FCWA-j1SBQBP4EAgH9BA4JAUSlgYUJEN3PAgLIgQ1fWwhAIjKHIrSGSBMxkN-w

It offers a little bit more support than pure power. But it's dependant on fury from allies.The only problem i had, was when i played with a group that only used power scourges.The trash dmg (staff2/3) they can put out is way less than the trash dmg of a full Condi or hybrid scourge.

So if don't recommend a whole zerg to run only power scourges

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