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Golden Ad Infinitum

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Well this was asked at least once I know but did we ever get any answer on if there is going to be one or not?

I mean we have "Gold Fractal Master" so we have every normal weapon in gold but not the backpack ^.^ .Making it a simple reskin of the backpack with a different color scheme should not be all that work intensive. (since we have a full set of weapons that were re skined that exact way).

Like:Make Gold Fractal Master a prerequisite.Salvage Ad Infinitum -> get first ingredient for the golden one.X Golden Fractal Relics as second ingredient.The other 2 can be whatever but should not be all that much for it would be a reskin of the old one.

Is my Idea dumb or good?Did we ever get any official feedback?

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I fully agree with you and support it. Not sure how it should be implemented but I honestly don't understand why this isn't in the game yet.

I mean - we have Fractal weapons and Golden fractal weapons - it makes sense to have a Golden Fractal Backpiece as well - but oddly enough the Legendary has the color of the normal weapons.I really hope this gets added!

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