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Is it possible to rename items like weapons and armor?

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@"Blocki.4931" said:It's not possible

Sort of. You can change the apparent name of a piece of gear by applying a new skin, at which point it calls itself the name of the skin, possibly with "prefix" and "suffix" modifiers. (I have the Fellblade GS skin from the HoM, which is therefore free to apply, and one of my lowbies has a "Precise Fellblade" that started out as a "Precise Iron Greatsword".)

What you can't do is give a piece of gear a new name that you invent.

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@"Aiponne.7463" said:Well that's unfortunate, I was hoping I could name my new sword something flashy like "The Dread" or something along those lines.

The nearest you can get is to use one of the named exotic or legendary items. You don't get to pick the name yourself (and have to use the skin that comes with it because changing the skin changes the name. But there might be one there you like. (Be careful about getting attached to a particular one however, because they can be expensive.)

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