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Assistance Requested: Looking for "No Downed State" videos EU T1


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First of all let me say a big big big big HUGE thank you to Anet for doing this event. If it never happens again I won't complain because I just had so much fun this week, I'll take it. :D.

Also I fell in love with the current version of Whiteside Ridge <3 couldnt've had a better bunch to play against for this event.

Anyway.. /babble.

I'm trying to put together all the videos from the Whiteside VS Elona VS Gandara matchup, maybe get some really good multi-povs. I've started with what I've found so far on a


Please let me know and link any more videos from this matchup, I'd love to see them!

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i dont think you will find material for multi PoV in this one and i sadly already have deleted all the raw videos aside from last part in bay. so if you happen to find a video of that little zergfight going on while i was hiding in bay, i might cut all of it out for you.

mostly from elona side on main account and the bay part is alt account on RoF (Gandara). i havent done many videos so editing and especially the music is suboptimal cause far from mainstream, would need advise in music choice for further videos. i just really dont know wich type of music would fit to the playstyle..Video

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