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[NA/OCX]PvX] Xtraordinary Slackers - [XTRA] Chill|Social|Silly|Hate-Free|New/Ret/Vets! [DISCORD]


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(XTRA) The League of Xtraordinary Slackers - PvX (mainly PvE, SBI is our casual WvW) - multi-game international guild of 16+ years! NA US PST/UTC-8 based with OCX/AUS - OPEN TO ALL hate-free 18+ DISCORD/APP!

GAMES?: Mains: GW2 - SWG: Legends - SWTOR Less: - Warframe - ESO - Lost Ark - Palworld (have our own server), WoW


XTRA Effort XTRA Attitude XTRAorindary Open Community:


KING SLACKER ISK REDLEMUR THE IV: "We have a ROYAL theme with CUPCAKES as currency, we HATE the E, ergo the X! We hail from Star Wars Galaxies in 2004, so read on my potential dirty slacker peasants if you like this quirky RP humor!


But seriously, We are silly chill slackers UNIFIED by being XTRAordinary SLACKERS of ALL walks of GEEKS and DIVERSITIES from ALL over the world (NA/OCX mainly) with LGBTQIA+, disabilities, vets, ages, religions, n of course silly and definitely lewd! We offer LEAGUE WIDE (community/more than just GW2) stuff like Slacker Social Saturday's with music, trivia, raffles, jackbox/among us/free games AS WELL as SWTOR, SWG, DnD SLACKER GAME more AND of course GW2 stuff like fractals/etc. !" Training/Full Run Raid Groups Thurs! 🙂






SOCIAL 18+ MATURE HATE-FREE OPEN MINDED PLAYERS of ANY experience - be new or vet for closer knit/smaller quality>quantity guild seeking a friendly, SOCIAL inclusive helpful goofball COMMUNITY to chill and have weird cray cray adventures AND CALL HOME!



We are NOT slack/chill about toxicity and intolerance towards members or groups - we have ZERO TOLERANCE for ANY bigotry, homophobia, racism, misogyny, or any prejudices against any group (that isn't hateful themselves). Hate is too much work! OUR biggest compliment by mid to longstanding members is how much of a melting pot we are of slackers for ALL WALKS - and that they rarely find a place as accepting and cool as us even through breaks/slow times! (DONT BE DICKS/DOUCHES WE DO BAN DRAMA/BIGOTS/ELITISTS!)



  • * Communal napping! Beanbags! Cupcakes! We ARE a smaller social regrowing guild with a SOLID CORE!
    * RAID TRAINING (chill learning space) | STRIKES (regular clears of all EoD strikes for your weekly LI) | FRACTALS (both learning and T4) | | HP/MP and Bounty trains | DUNGEONS | sPVP / WvW Vets for anyone wanting to get into them! ALL TIMES 8pm PT/+3 RESET
    * DISCORD (other games, fun channels, tv/film/art/etc.)
    * Unofficial WvW server Stormbluff Isles
    * Raffles | Giveaways | Discord Fashion Contests | Event Drives | Basically lots of things with prizes!
    * MAX GH Isle of Reflection - ALL buffs, armor/weapons, unlocks!
    * A multi-gaming community, including SWTOR, WARFRAME, SWG LEGENDS, ESO, MINECRAFT, DND! PALWORLD SERVER\* Slacker Social Sat chill music/free games/movie nights!

our motto, "slack together, work alone!"

DISCORD and APP/INTRO QUESTIONS are REQUIRED to be promoted passed recruit!

We want to make sure we BOTH are the XTRA right fit for eachother  SO - we require Discord AND an INTRO/APP. You CAN test us in-game BUT Discord is a huge communal use for us, and the fastest/best way to JOIN/TEST us is to join our DISCORD and do the INTRO/APP (REQ. to fill out).

JOIN BELOW - Follow Discord Prompts, Read/Sign Rules, Links to #applications, choose GW2, bot sends you quick questions, send, BOOM done. If have questions before app can ask in #intro/new mem channel or contact an officer.

GUILD RULES-INFO and INTRO APP CHANNEL LINK: https://discord.gg/E9HDZbB (you may see a guild rules pop up, browse like READ SOME haha n agree and you'll see app!)



They are COMMUNITY BASED and ROYAL THEMED - they transfer to all games minus limitations.

King Slacker (GM/me), Queen Slacker Prince/Princess (Vice GMs), Archduke (Stuff) Dukes (officers), Counts (subofficers) Lords (elders), Knights (full members), Nobles (novice), Peasants (recruits, and likely you if u join 😛

MAN, if all this jibber jabber didn't convince you we're a wasted spot in your choice of 5 guilds, I don't know what will! 🙂 (AGAIN, QUIRKY HUMOR! 🙂


Reply here, or PM or message in-game:

King Isk: EriskRedLemur.7153 (League GM) or Discord: Erisk Redlemur#7944

Duchess Ezrril (GW2 Lead): Ezrril.7421 Discord** (Aussie hours): Ezrril.4561 (LEADS GW2 BEST TO CONTACT)
Count Snake (GW2 Subofficer/Assist Raid Lead): snaakesnack.7684
Count Movie (GW2 Subofficer): Movie.2943
Count Mel (GW2 Subofficer): Rolebreaker.4920
Duke Tyse (GW2 Vice Lead): Tyse The Black.6789



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( u know, dont tell me i could post "whatever", cause ill just do it :p )

Anyways, Slackers, Xtradordinary beeing, or what the future will bring.. ive been together with alot of them since a long time ( damm.. i am getting old ). Ups and down we are still a guild to have fun for young and old. Far away from being tryhard or hardcore into content everyones plays ar his speed with support if needed or wanted.

Discord discussions, guildchat if ppl are up for it or just lonly playing along for the fun, u can feel free to play as u like. This being sayed, if u love drama or to spread the hate of a failed life, u arnt going to find a home with us. There is no room for that and never was.

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[insert Cupcake Greeting: Here] Clears throat

H-Hello Everyone,

Joining a guild is not just about ‘joining’ a guild to be in it for no reason. As a gamer who loves cupcakes, we tend to enjoy to squish others with cupcakes in their faces. However, you wouldn’t be able to squish other peoples’ faces with cupcakes if you weren’t a part of a guild who accepts you in a way like the Slackers do. These band of misfit to-… I mean band of uber cupcake loving gamers enjoy all the times of doing random dungeons, clearing content, laughing at each other for no reason because one of your team members decided to pull too quickly and or decides to jump off the cliff thinking it wouldn’t kill their character.. What? What’s that you asked? Has this ever happen to me?? Nooo…pfftt.. of course not!… hesitant chuckle Ehem..

I’ve been with these Slackers for a long long time ago.. in a galaxy far far away.. Oh wrong game.. Pulls an Erisk But uhm.. So yeah.. I’ve been with them for long time. I wouldn’t be a part of another slacker team because.. I’m just a slacker.These Slackers are a great team to be around and do things together with, because they actually do things together as a team.Remember Cupcakes, We Slack Together!

So if you’re interested in a guild that’s based off of community and funtastic aspects – then you came to the right thread.Be sure to checkout their website:


-VayVay De Cupcake

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Thanks guys ^ (you'll get your payments shortly ;) )We are slowly growing! If we grew fast we'd not be slackers :P Unlocked the overdo PvP Arena tonight. This may entice more casual PvP. We clearly revel in our slacker theme; at our current size there's ups n downs but we've gotten some cool new peeps. Thanks for giving us a good slack! For those where it didn't work out, wish you well and finding a guild that works for you! :) With PoF out this week; you DON'T need PoF - we have peeps new to GW2 or HoT; so we aren't gonna go all PoF only though certainly the first few weeks we will do PoF things/help each other get points etc.

Anyways - we do use Discord more for GW2 side; you can fill site app or contact us for a discord link TO POST in intro-new-mems channel (req.) as a small quasi app. Site app still the surest way you - can also post here/PM/ask us questions too I know some peeps want to get more feels before investing and it IS a lot of work to fill apps out :tired_face:

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I joined the Slackers a few weeks ago and it has been a blast so far. Everyone is fantastic and helpful especially considering my lack of game experience in some game modes. There are weekly guild events and special events that are loads of fun. Overall, I really like having a group that is chill and fun to run with. They can really throw down on fractals and events, but never get toxic if things go south. Just pick themselves up, grab another cupcake and slack on! So, if you are looking for a great group to laugh and hang with or just haven't gotten around to joining a guild because you're not META enough, you're probably a slacker at heart. The real question is this: Are you Xtraordinary? Join us and find out!

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Hey guys! Seeing as how I work for the local government, you could probably look up slacker in the dictionary and see my picture. In true slacker form, I'll just copy and paste from a post I put up here a few days ago rather than retype it all out!

I came back about a month ago to get my characters caught up and prepared for the release of PoF. I've currently [swapped to Firebrand], however I am open to other rolls as need be. I'm located in NA - Pacific Standard Time and am looking for a semi-casual guild to join and venture through PoF with! I say semi-casual as I would like a group to do fractals, as well as raids with, however work takes up around 12h a day(five days a week Mon-Fri) and am usually online around 6:00pm. Weekends usually aren't an issue, but I am on rotation for stand-by on weekends(only works out to be about four to five times a year). I do need somewhat of a social life too, so I know I won't fit everyone's schedules, however I do try to plan around raid times.

Now, for a little bit of my background! I've played more MMO's than I can count on both hands and feet combined. Most of my raid experience comes from Vanilla WoW, up to Cataclysm in all rolls(Main tank + Off Tank, Healer and DPS). I've also raided in all rolls in Final Fantasy XIV, though not as extensive. As for Guild Wars, I've been playing since the release of Guild Wars 1 through all expansions. I've played Guild Wars 2 since release as well, though between school and work, it was an off and on relationship. Now that I only have to worry about work, I have more time on my hands and am planning on playing more. I don't have experience in fractals or raids but am looking forward to learning!

I look forward to seeing you all in PoF!

PS - I'm currently on Yak's Bend but have no issue transferring servers!

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Heyas Serephal! Typical slacker fashion I just saw this :p Also Red joined!Sounds good! We don't have set teams and likely won't but peeps learning/trying fractals/dungeons and raids in future. Here I should just PM ya; with Discord link if you are still interested in joining us quirky lot. We all are ranging on times, trying to get stuff for all. And server transfers only matter for WvW which we don't do tho a few dabble. But that's why there's 5 guild slots :P

And copy/paste approved :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

I joined the Slackers about a year ago and even with some breaks and RL stuff happening here and there, these guys still keep me around for some reason. B) Super fun and nice(mostly) people that are always ready to help and eager to learn more things. We'd like our family to grow more, with experienced or new people, so we can all learn new content together and help each other out. Guild missions are quite fun and often times migrate to do other group activities. If you are looking for a close knit group you can talk in and not a 400+ meta only elitist group, we're the slackers for you!

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You mean Praise Isk? Aka me the King? hehe so - there's many casual type guilds out there, like Reed's Lazy Legion! Awesome guild! Things slow etc. but seriously, we are trying. We may be NA and US PT primarily but we have a good few Aussies as seen above, want more oi oi oi! And 4-5 from Europe. Euros like to slack! :)

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Updated OP (yeah it's wordy for slackers :P . Discord now to also apply. There's a 1-2 week grace period to join it, 'cause slack n stuff. Just talk to an officer or reply here. OR just join the DISCORD (here links to: # intro-new-mems ) fill the questions you can post NO WHERE else - and you'll likely be accepted/ranked. REALLY easy. Even for you slackers! :D It's eventually req. because aside from slack, we focus on community. And cupcakes. ANYWAYS - TAKE CARE HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEN

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  1. Joined guild.
  2. Met weird people.
  3. Failed some races.
  4. Jumped around pyramids for 2 hours in Crystal Oasis.
  5. Gave away my crafting mats.
  6. Played the harp and made a few silver.
  7. Did dungeons, actually killing everything.
  8. Killed chickens as naked charr.
  9. Going on vacation again
  10. Cried when people would represent ~~cooler ~~ bigger guilds.

10/10 Would joinslack again.

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  • 6 months later...

So we be recruiting again! We have a small active core, but slack happens, so read OP! We are rebuilding so expect things slow for now, ppl leave, as in any guild, but we are proud that even when peeps take breaks from game they stick with us slackers, casuals and dedicated alike, community first slack second. OKAY slack first always! Anyways, feel free to check the links in OP, ask questions, PM, here or in-game. AGAIN - just starting rebuild if u like helping/being part of smaller guilds to grow/get to know peeps consider us or slack and be too lazy to! :)

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That said, it's not like we're rebuilding from nothing. We have a small active core of players, doing open world PvE mostly. We have a level 14 guild hall. It's very nice. We officially slack together on Wednesday evenings 9:30pm Pacific (0430 GMT Thursday), with guild missions and occasional dungeons or fractals. Unofficially it is not unheard of for groups to form up and do other stuff at other times.

The question is, my friend, do you have the strength? Do you have the will? Do you have the sheer determination to... slack? Seriously we're pretty casual, and welcome all levels of participation. Read the OP to learn how you can join The Few, The Proud -- wait no not those guys. I'm talking about [XTRA] Xtraordinary Slackers.

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Thanks Spyborg! I realize not everyone wants to apply via site, etc. we have a questionnaire in discord OR it can be done via PM. But some semblance of app IS req. as well as Discord eventually because we ARE smaller, despite growing, want those XTRA quality slackers :) I also get the OP is some readin' so pls don't be shy to PM, reply here, or in-game.

Next week we return to our weekly Fashion Contests for prizes, fame and ridicule! :)

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mmmm these cupcakes are delicious!!... if your thinking of joining a guild, now's the time to join us (i need someone to give me a run for my money in the fashion contests ;P), so if you like having fun and being awesome, while also eating cupcakes and slacking, what are you waiting for? Come join us already xD

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Thanks my Aussie friends! So look - I get smaller guilds regrowing aren't for all - there's ups n downs - we have a solid core of awesome peeps; active discord, and a lot to offer now and future if give us time to get going again.

also it's up to YOU too to Interact! We have all sorts, casual or dedicated - all lvl/xp - LGBTQ/weird/introverted awesome - but peeps who never try to socialize/talk/group in OR out of game tend to never connect and leave/go inactive. Making friends, having fun is what we do! Don't join to simply slack :)

SO we are now starting WEEKLY FASHION CONTEST - Weekly/Weekend Questions - GH Dono/Mission Showing - ALL for fun BUT also rewards/giveaways - among our normal naps, cupcake missions, and slacking. :) Let's build upon this awesome community!

(If you don't want to do the site app, you CAN PM me - reply HERE - you'll have to do a DISCORD/PM smaller app version then).

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