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Which of the current weapon skins do you like best?

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I voted Desert King mainly because it is a very solid set all around and adds a nice weapon trail— it also fits PoF very well. I actually think Time Keeper is very visually appealing, but this is a pretty old set and not what I would call “current” — even if it is available for increased ticket prices. Time Keeper is actually makings it’s third return from initial release years ago.

Inquest is great on Asura, but often too chunky for other races. But there are definitely some stand out skins here.

Alchemist is the most visually flashy of the 3 newer sets, but has some odd touches that make it a no-go for me. It looks too “wooden” for me, almost as if it is organic, but then also has these weird beaker aspects to them like there is a science theme. I would have preferred something a little more consistent in visual choice, either science and metallic or more clearly bio-organic.

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:I believe there is actually 12 different Weapon Sets currently available: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Black_Lion_Weapons_Specialist_(The_Vaults) (As the forum doesn't like links with parentheses, you'll have to copy/paste into browser.)

Thus, I'd probably choose Alchemist.

Yes there are more in the vault in Lion's Arch. But if you double click on the ticket you get a choice of these four. I guess I could have grabbed the other ones but I didn't .. ;)

These were the ones I was interested in knowing about people's thoughts on :)

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