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Hakuna Matata


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@"costepj.5120" said:'Fraid you are a year late with that find.


OF COURSE I'm not the first to see this. But it's new to ME. And I'm sure other folks out there never ran across it either. I'm just voicing my appreciation for the game designers inclusion of stuff like this.

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I love this, and before reading the replies I was genuinely telling my husband how I love that every so often someone else finds them and gets excited about it. :D

I see it in map chat too - some will stumble across them and tell everyone, sometimes it ends up with a little crowd gathering to watch.

It wasn't the first time I'd seen them but a couple of months ago I was trying to sell a legendary, which for me was a huge deal. Just the listing fee was more gold than I normally have at once so if it didn't sell I was in trouble. I was in the Lily of the Elon when I listed it and then I went wandering across the map looking for something to take my mind off it. I found these three and ended up following them for ages, just watching them roam around and hunt for grubs and it actually really helped take my mind off it and remember that gold is not the be all and end all of GW2 and even if I had wasted hours of my time and all my gold and mats on something I couldn't sell there was still lots of stuff to enjoy in the game. (And in the end it did sell, so I was stressing over nothing.)

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