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Flame Legion Vestments do not fit on Charr.

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The Flame Legion Vestments, obviously designed based on the Flame Legion ( Charr ), and which sets your tail on fire ( as a Charr ), do not possess a tail hole, or a tail hood, or a slit in the cloth for the tail. Or anything. Your tail just clips right through the cloth. On an armor set based on Charr, which have tails. I am incredibly sad about this.

What the heck guys?

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I find it weird that this is how ALL armour handles tails in Elder Scrolls Online and I've never seen anyone complain. Even though people in that game are usually very quick to complain about clipping no one ever mentions the fact that your tail just appears from the cloth. It makes me wonder if Anet had done the same on all the armour would people complain or would it just be accepted as how it is?

Also for what it's worth in both games I just assume there is a tail hole but it fits tight around the base of the tail, like close fitting sleeves. Although I do appreciate it when there's a visible hole or flap to accommodate the tail.

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