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  1. Max stack the green poly nuclear radiation infusion thing and call it a day.
  2. Please don't bring the human gods back. There are so many avenues the story could continue now that we have tied the elder dragon saga with a nice bow. I liked the explaination for the mother elder dragon and how she wanted to create a balance in magic, but as the saying goes the path to hell is paved with good intentions. Although the void bit may have been a teensy bit cliché, I loved the twist that mother was not necessarily a big "bad" dragon we HAVE to slay as she was willing to sacrifice herself for the good of our Tyria. I loved, loved the design for Su-won! Anyway, please do not
  3. I am stuck with German people, they all speak the language and refuse to use the % sign. Why??? I am giving up on wvw for now....
  4. I am lost, I just used to roam and scout in Deso, where did everyone else go? I am stuck with people who only speak German/ some other unknown language, they even use the euro symbol instead of %, like wtf! why??? Help! Where did Deso commander Mabi go? I hate wvw now, give me a translate button at least (no hate) 😞
  5. YES! it should be added, something new for wvw!!!
  6. They showed the pve amulet effect on the latest stream, it looks very different to the pvp one. I personally crafted the wvw and pvp balls as a personal homage to my dedication for those 2 game modes so I am perfectly happy. I don't really care if people don't like them, they still make me happy :)
  7. Yep, I have something kinda similar. When I merge with smokescale as a soulbeast and use the 2nd beast skill on an ememy who is about to enter a tower I sometimes port inside with them. I wonder if people have ever reported me 😕 I mean I submitted a bug ticket when it happened.
  8. I had a mes who told me that when people party up with her and play with her their game crashes, I didn't believe it, so partied up and played a match with her, and loe and behold I had a crash. I don't know the technical jargon for stuff like that, but I think she was hacking.
  9. I have recently started getting a random mini freeze when playing on ranger. Either wordly impact slows down by a lot even without any condi on me (everyone moves normally though) or the game freezes a bit when using some gs skill. I have only had it since the last patch that prevented me from going into the character selection screen.
  10. Bear, I want to straight up kill my enemies. Don't give them a chance to move or utter a defensive spell or swig an invul potion...
  11. I hate you, I wanted to say it. I hope Kralk comes back and brands all your alts.
  12. Doubt the pve amulet will have the same effect as the pvp one. Maybe different ball colour and image, as the pvp one is golden with an image of eternal colosseum.
  13. Spell breaker has a decent amount of cc, but you do not "love roaming" lol. You are in a small group/ mini zerg and need crutches to help you finish an enemy. Yea, lets just call it like it is 🤷
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