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Idea for a griffon skin


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Hello, I don't know if this was suggested already, but I'll write it anyway. As the title gives away I got an idea for a griffon skin while playing living story: What about an Aurene griffon skin? She looks so lovely and her basic structure already seems to be the one of the griffon, even the way she moves. :heart:

Hope it will be given at least a thought, thank you. =)

Best wishes.

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You're right that Aurene uses the griffon model, and a lot of players have guessed that this might be so we can, at some point, ride her. You're also right that a lot of people would like Aurene (or a generic dragon) as a mount. But it's unlikely to happen.

As other people have said Aurene is a unique character. It's fine to have 100 people riding griffons in the same map because there are many more than 100 griffons in Tyria, but there's only 1 Aurene so it would make no sense to have hundreds of her in open-world maps. I know Anet isn't especially strict about immersion or sticking to previously established lore, but they do try to avoid having the same NPC in two places at once.

I'll be very surprised if we get to the end of the story and we don't ride Aurene at some point, just because it seems like such an obvious thing to include. But I think that would only be within a story instance - so it's just 1 person riding 1 Aurene (although story instances can be played as a group, and I'm not sure what would happen then). But I'll also be very surprised if we get a way to ride her, as a griffon skin or a unique mount, outside of the story, because that wouldn't make any sense.

The other option is to give us a generic dragon skin for the griffon. That's also somewhat problematic because apart from Aurene the only friendly dragons in GW2 are Glint and Vlast who are both dead (and far too big to be mounts). All the other dragons try to kill us on sight (if not before). Admittedly that doesn't seem like an absolute barrier since we've got branded mounts, awakened mounts and possibly some others based on enemies but it does make it seem less likely. Unless we ever get a Canthan expansion, then we could have a saltspray dragon.

Don't get me wrong, I'd love a dragon mount. Dragons (of all varieties) are my favourite mythical creatures and I have a lot of fun riding the griffon, so it would be a great mount for me and an instant sale. But I just don't see it happening.

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