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Can someone help me interpreting my traceroute/ping plot?

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Good day,

at least once or twice a day I get really terrible, yet super short ping spikes that causes GW2 to disconnect. Now I finally need to figure out who's to blame: a) my hardware, b) my ISP, c) Anet (whom I think are the least to blame).

I ran a traceroute and pathping to keep track of my connection...I did both now for 45 minutes and found that I have no package losses at all - it's just those nasty, little ping spikes (I pinged the IP of guildwars2.com). What would you say if you see such a plot? The first big spike (21:00) d/cd me....same at 21:21, 21:24 and starting massively from 21:37. Any idea what could cause this and what could be the reason? No one is currently on my connection except for me, so noone leeches on my 50 Mbit. I run a Win10 machine via WiFi (router is nearby and only separated from my PC by a door). But again, most of the time during a day everything is fine with my connection.

€dit: or what else information could I collect before confronting my ISP?

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I'm not familiar with ping plotter but if PL% means packet loss, you do have issues at hop 8 and 14 (idk which servers these are so you have to check that out via their ip)

Tho I would take a look at this post from Anet tho: https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/201862998-Troubleshooting-Connectivity-Issues

I see you play fromout Germany so it may be at Anet's/Amazon servers (or close to it). If you can't figure it out, just send a support ticket and they can help you figure out where the issue lies. (Keep in mind staff has Christmas holiday off). As for the 50 mbit, I don't think it means much. I changed from 50 mbit to 500 mbit and I don't notice change at all (on some times with a speedtest I see 500 mbps while at other times it won't go over the 50 mbps). Like you on wifi with a door in between next to the router/modem. I still think connection has to do with the whole road from start to end (incl all those ppl on them network highways in europe). Something with Christmas holiday atm as well. You could also contact your ISP to check your router/modem for issues as they can do that fromout their office.

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