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Is there a way to ignore renown hearts in the content guide?

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What it says on the tin - is there a way to have the current renown heart info not obscure the content guide please? Nothing is more annoying than hitting 98% map complete and having to backtrack across the map because you missed a PoI you passed near enough for a deadeye to shoot because the renown heart tracker prioritised holding back the insurrectionists 3-4 zones over.

Also, also - maybe an option not to have repeatable things stop reappearing at all once youve done them the first time?

If not is there a feature request forum I can make noises in?

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At the moment, no, you can't disable hearts (just story steps and active events). The best thing you can do, currently, is click the header of the heart to collapse the progress bar. You can do the same for personal story steps, event progress, and other clutter in the content guide.

I'd recommend hopping over to the quality of life suggestion thread, as that seems the most likely place a mod might be browsing for an idea like yours.

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@Tanner Blackfeather.6509 said:Unfortunately not, but if you're looking for a stray PoI or Vista, you can use the map legend. Bring up the map and mouse over the category you're looking for in the upper right - undiscovered ones will flash on the map!

Except if they are in an undiscovered part of the map. Verdant Brink is vile for that, since some of the PoIs are in the canopy, and until you've gone to the right part of the canopy, you can't see them at all.

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