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Why not just make Full Counter being triggered on skill activation


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Why not just make Full Counter being triggered on skill activation, instead of being hit by something? In all game modes?

What about removing CC effect on "normal" FC (when used on enemy who isn't using/casting skill at the time when being hit by FC). The bonus effects (like berserker's power, adrenaline health, megabane tether, ...) would still be applied.The "special" FC would be applied on enemy who was casting skill at the time of being hit by FC. This "special" FC would have CC on it (and for luls, make it very short launch instead of daze).

For PvE, this would be really nice as FC was no longer rng and actually worth using even when you are not being attacked. Seriously, it drives me crazy to see on daily basis how rng FC is...So more of a QoL change with nice DPS boost.

For PvP/WvW, who cares, if the skill does 500-1000 damage? Yes, there is this big utility part that FC provides, but this change would select targets whether they cast skills or not and then punishing them for that accordingly. The FC's counterattack animation is fast, but telegraphed. Also, there is a lot of stability these days, so no one will probably even notice (and that is not warrior's issue).

This is just an idea. It might be even more broken than pre-nerf FC, or it might be even worse than post-all-nerfs FC.

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sure it will help, but it wont fix it.It would be a stopgap to how bad the skill is now, i mean what is the point of the skill (and SB) if its only real use is to proc 1/3rd as much as core warrior can in the same timefame?The skill was fine, was undertuned because earlier complaints. I firmly beleive it should proc on hit, since the skill was a all or nothing kinda skill.... even if now its a nothing or nothing skill instead.

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