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Renewing Wave: would you rather...


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Hi I wanted to discuss Staff 4 skill, Renewing Wave, and how you all would like this changed to be more beneficial or just for a general buff to this skill along side Staff in general.

Currently Renewing Wave:Send out a wave of mist energy that heals and removes conditions from allies.

Healing: 1,295 (0.65)?Conditions Removed: 2Number of Targets: 5Combo Finisher: BlastRange: 300

1) Would you rather Renewing Wave stay as is with just a healing boost?

2) Get a healing boost, but Conditions are converted to Boons instead of removed.

3)Stay as is, but with a boon added such as Protection and Regeneration.

4) Stay as is but Energy cost reduced.

5) Stay as is, but the cool down reduced.

6) Stay as is, but ground target.

7) Added Damage component to it with CC knock down, Knock back or Daze.

8) it becomes a channel effect with heal and condition cleanse per tick.

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