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I like some of the changes however, I feel it can be done better and some changes to the burst skills aren't great.

Firstly, the idea of Rage skills extending Berserk duration is neat but I think this should be tied to a trait. Perhaps the Bloody roar trait, since the the top line focuses on maintaining rage. I think the Damage increase should scale with HP, the idea being the berserker is more dangerous at lower HP, high risk high reward.

Secondly, The axe burst (Decapitate) seems very strange and clunky, the old burst would have been better, for a gap closer, to stick with your opponent, the AOE component should return as single target severely reduces your Damage potential, axe is a damage weapon after all. The instant recharge is cool, but rarely needed since the amount of time needed to build back Adrenaline for a second burst means the skills would be off cooldown anyway. maybe it should return both adrenaline and instantly recharge if the attack connects. The attack should cost you a percentage of your HP perhaps.

Thirdly, The third line (maybe grandmaster) should augment your rage skills to reduce Berserk recharge instead, if used properly.Burst of aggression should give you fury in addition to other buffs.

Great sword burst I really like. I feel other primal bursts should have a look in but I don't have any good ideas.

The king of fire's trait should grant you fire aura and convert conditions on you to burning when you enter Berserker (suggest a number). Burning does less damage to you and more damage to you foes (suggest a number),When Rage skills are used, it transfers burning on you to nearby foes. if anyone has better ideas for this, I'd love to hear them.

Another idea is to make primal burst skills to recharge when they hit and extend Berserk duration by a set amount, while Rage skills should reduce cooldown of berserk when used properly.

Well I hope someone takes a look at these suggestions at least. Good day.

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Already did a post with my thoughts on it, but sounds more fitting here, so here's a copy of what was writting(TL;DR At the end)I've done a couple bench tries, but I never got to 100% before so i don't think i'll get there now as well until I have a proper build to grind (If I feel like, haven't payed with the golem for about 3 months until this patch)I do like the rework, it doesn't feel like core we an extra funtions, it feels more unique. Just came here and I can already see the frustation, it's understandable, gone through it myself as well.It feels weird to play still, but I think once people figure out how get the max out of it, and ppl get used to it again thing will be fine. As for PvP, my experience was literally just one game, so I'll get it over with now. It felt weird, but I already have couple more ideas for it.

For PvE at the start it felt clunky, some of the combos that sounded good to expand Berserk (Headbutt/Outrage) feels super weird and can easily be mess up I feel like.The class still needs tunning and fixing (there is rumor that Bloody Roar might be bugged, nnothing sure as far as I seen, some say yay some say nay). What I feel bad for power builds is that ther isnt really good rage skills to play around with. Peak Performance is so OP that any power build on Warrior, for any spec will have to be play around it, so you will need those everytime. The problem I see atm is that using Rage skills sounds goodto extend Berserk and do more damage, but none of the rage skills is worth over the passive of signet of might and expanding berserk uptime they give. I think they need to buff Wild Blow, and maybe also reduce coldown on Sundering Leap and buff it as well since as far as I recall that skill never seen the light of day in any build. Maybe with that adding a rage skill to the power build would be worth, atm it still need time, but don't think any of them will make it in the end.For the Condi build, that is not a problem since Rage skills as allways been used on it, that wouldn't change now, but I would like to see it using more than just Shattering Blow Headbutt. I think a buff to Last Blaze so it would make it more attractive for condi build to play would be good. Maybe add an extra stack on it.One thing that feels really bad with sloting Rage skills is that they don't feel worth at all to use outside of Berserk, so atm when playing condi BS whenever you are out of Berserk you end up just auto attacking with Sword until Berserk is off coldown. I guess the old Tactics build had a bit of it as well, but that one at least still played with the rage skills outside of berserk. I think with the rework it makes sence to have them extend the Berserk uptime, but it feels really bad that they dont give adrenaline and In my honest opinion that should be back on them. Removing F1 was already enough to make the spec unique when compared to the other ones, but the spec still needs adrenaline generation, and without these, it feels really weird. (Thinking about it again as I write this, that is the main reason it felt weird on PvP. I played without Signet of Fury and without Headbutt and without an instant adrenaline generation or an extra from just attacking it feels that it takes so long to get on Berserk)

TL;DR: Felt weird at the start, still needs tunning but it's not as bad as these forum drama queens make it sound like. Make Rage skills give adrenaline again. Losing F1 was enough of a change to make the spec feel more unique?, but it still needs ways to get adrenaline other than just attacking. Not having that makes Rage skills not worth using outside of Berserk, which makes the spec feel resident sleeper until you can go on Berserk again (which takes to long to get without any adrenaline generation, did I mentioned to make Rage give adrenaline again!?)

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@mPascoal.4258 I agree, the adrenaline management is kinda weak compared to core/spb. What about gaining 1 adrenaline strike per 1 hit as baseline for Berserker? That would also make sense thematically, together with rage skills providing adrenaline again.Anet should adjust the way of sustaining Bersker with using burst skills so if there is a way to get permanent Berserk uptime, it shouldn't be that hard to achieve by successfully landing bursts frequently.

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